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    I was using the Web Tool script to create a web of custom nodes.

    I added the variables:

    WebFinder webFinder

    AbstractWebNode[] webNodes

    as public static variables in my class and assigned the appropriate stuff in the onStart() method.

    I got rid of the "script." part when doing:

    webFinder = script.getWalking().getWebPathFinder();

    in my onStart() method since it was giving me an error there.


    But when I call getWalking().walk(new Tile(number, number, number)) in a private method in main class my character doesn't walk anywhere.

    I checked if it should start walking through getWalking.shouldWalk(); and it's returning true. So idk what is going on.


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    The webtool should copy the nodes etc into your clipboard once you stop the script. Use that code and add it to something like below


    Try this, not sure if it will compile, was done off the top of my head..

        private void registerPaths(AbstractScript ctx) {
            //the node closest to the entrance to our dungeon (edgeville trapdoor)
            AbstractWebNode node = ctx.getWalking().getWebPathFinder().getNearest(new Tile(3432, 3451), 15);
            AbstractWebNode webNode0 = new BasicWebNode(3432, 3451);
            AbstractWebNode webNode1 = new BasicWebNode(3432, 3451);
            AbstractWebNode webNode10 = new BasicWebNode(3419, 3424);
            node.addConnections(webNode1); //Join to node network
            webNode0.addConnections(webNode1); //Add in connections between nodes
            WebFinder webFinder = ctx.getWalking().getWebPathFinder();
            AbstractWebNode[] webNodes = {webNode0, webNode1, webNode10};
            for (AbstractWebNode webNode : webNodes) {
                webFinder.addWebNode(webNode); //Add into web


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