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  1. hooplako

    WebNode Help

    Context: I was using the Web Tool script to create a web of custom nodes. I added the variables: WebFinder webFinder AbstractWebNode[] webNodes as public static variables in my class and assigned the appropriate stuff in the onStart() method. I got rid of the "script." part when doing: webFinder = script.getWalking().getWebPathFinder(); in my onStart() method since it was giving me an error there. Problem: But when I call getWalking().walk(new Tile(number, number, number)) in a private method in main class my character doesn't walk anywhere. I checked if it should start walking through getWalking.shouldWalk(); and it's returning true. So idk what is going on.
  2. Wait was there an announce for an update on 7/16 or do you have alternative sources? Just wonderin, also thanks for the heads up.
  3. thx guys I appreciate the help!
  4. If anyone could find a way to check if https://pasteboard.co/JhlEV5A.png is enabled/disabled that would help alot. Like any parameters that I could read. I tried the widget hover tool and was unable to find any parameter that could help distinguish if the quantity mode was enabled or not. Here is the snippet of code I have so far: https://pasteboard.co/JhlE4op.png I tried the java docs and other posts, but couldn't find anything so far. Q: "Why not use .withdraw(item ID, amount) ?" A: I wanna left click to withdraw the items in the bank so if it is the first time I'm withdrawing items I just wanna set it to 'X' mode.
  5. Just looking to buy 1 account. Offering 1.1M, is negotiable.
  6. Some questions (I have never bought another account before) : - is there a website I should visit? - are these accounts already done with tutorial island? - are these hacked accounts that need 2 factor? - what is the procedure if I want to pay with osrs gp? (let's say I have a mule in f2p should I trade all the gp to an account you have designated for me?)
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