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Cloakd AIO Fungus [350-500k/hr] [LEVEL 3 START] [All In One] [Fastest Collection] [ALL Quests] [Prayer Training] [10HP Support] [Multi-Brain]

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Starting a farm? or just looking for a consistent money maker to scale out? Look no further! Cloakd AIO Fungus will take fresh level 3 accounts, train all required requirements & complete any required quests. Upon acheiving the requirements it will then transition into farming fungus at maximum efficiency!




Starts from Fresh Account

This script includes everything you need to farm mort myre fungus on an account straight off tutorial island (with a bond), The script will handle all requirements, purchasing, navigation and transition between tasks. All you need to do is press play and watch the money roll in!


MultiBrain Technology

Cloakd Scripts utilize its unique Multi-Brain technology to provide the most fluid and efficient actions


Feature Breakdown

- All Required Quests supported (Optimized for 10HP accounts):

    - Restless Ghost

    - Waterfall Quest

    - Priest In Peril

    - Nature Spirit

- Completes already started quests

- Purchases all items needed for quests

- Stamina potion support

- Retry support


- Prayer Training

    - Purchases a house for Teleport to house

    - Purchasing/Restock support

    - POH Guilded Altar Support

    - Efficiently navigates hosts houses for optimal training


- Grand Exchange Support

    - Bond purchasing & redemption

    - All Required Quest Items

    - Restocks on Teleport tabs & Dueling rings when low

    - Sells fungus off at optimal times based on the current price (Price tracker integration)


- Multiple Routes & Randomized paths

Bespoke mapping paths for enhanced path/route selection


- Intelligent fungus collection to optimize efficiency (Tick perfect)

By utilizing Prediction & MultiBrain techniques this script can achieve the maximum efficiency possible for collection

Randomized collection methodologies

Will never miss fungus


- Intelligent Position Switching

Crash detection

Auto position switching upon getting crashed

Optimal position chosen for maximum profit


- 10HP + Death Support

Built from the ground up to support 10HP accounts in the most efficient way for questing


- Humanlike Idles

Script emulates human like breaks, idles and reaction times. 


- Real Player Detection & Hopping

Intelligently hop from REAL players, not just anyone


- Turing Complete

By utilizing logic validation and MultiBrain technology, the script will never stop or idle



Randomized positioning

Randomized pathing

Human Like Idling & Afk

Randomized collection & banking




This script can be used on a fresh level 3 straight out of tutorial island. The only requirements that are needed is enough gold to purchase the quest items + bones and a bond if the account is not already a member. When starting the script the GUI wil inform you of the exact amount needed.

Non Member: 6.4m

Member: 1.4m



CLI Options




Progress Reports

(better paint coming soon!)




Script Trials

12 hour trials are available, simply like the page and comment here!


Bug Reports

Provide as much info on the bug as possible

Provide a print screen of the client + the debug console


Release Notes


V1.50 - 09/08/2020
- QUESTS: Prayer is now completed first by default
- QUESTS: Prayer Support
- QUESTS: Consolidated banking
- QUESTS: Fixed bug with quest completion widget not being closed
- QUESTS: Fallback escape tomb during waterfall if no games necklace equipped
- PREP: Items will now be banked after prep items purchased
- PREP: More Antipattern
- PREP: Additional Antipattern methods
- PRAYER: Improved buying support
- GUI: Option to choose between doing prayer or quests first
- GUI: New Design
- GUI: Display the total required gold from GE data


V1.44 - 07/08/2020
- PREP: Adjust banking mechanism to prevent looping on finding items
- PREP: Item transactions now using dynamic pricing for setup items
- PREP: Dragon bone price multipler adjusted
- PREP: Adjust setup item quantities
- PREP: Continue dialog will no longer impact banking
- WATERFALL: Improve detection of closed doors within house
- PREP: Increase AntiBan on prayer stage
- PREP: Additional Antipattern mouse methods

V1.43 - 06/08/2020
- PREP: Reduce buy overhead down to 10% from 20%
- PREP: Increase Antiban chance during questing & reduce saftey net around being on global map
- FARM: Improve Ferox enclave banker detection

v1.42 - 05/08/2020

- PREP: Quest stage paint adjusted
- PREP: Smoother reactions on teleporting to house
- PREP: House portal entry more efficient
- PREP: Adjustments to altar interaction to improve speed
- PREP: Purchasing house smoother
- FARM: Prediction adjustment on RoD when invent full


v1.41 - 05/08/2020

- PREP: Healing fix for accounts with Wiches house done

- PREP: Prayer antipattern reduced


v1.40 - 03/08/2020

- Updated paint
- Active/Idle mode antiban - Script will swap between being an "idle" player and an "active" player based on its current objective (quest/train/farm/bank/buy etc)
- Additional Questing Antipattern


v1.36 - 02/08/2020

- No longer stalls on crossing Nature spirit bridge

- Walking fixes for nature spirit


v1.35 - 02/08/2020

- Additional recoils purchased during setup

- Improved missing item recovery during quest deaths 

- Additional logging


v1.32 - 02/08/2020

- Fix issue with Varrock teleport when 26 ess remaining after script restart

- Paint fixes

- Reduce sleep time on teleport to canafis for nature spirit


v1.3 - 31/07/2020

- Reduced camera movement when collecting fungus

- Improved correct tile detection

- Lots of quest speed improvements

- GUI will no longer open on quickstart

- Gate/Door handling improved during quests


v1.2 - 28/07/2020

- Improved fungus collection - now tick perfect

- Nature spirit teleport improvements

- Gate handling improvements


v1.14 - 27/07/2020

- Improved bloom detection

- Quest bug fixes and improvements

- Waterfall 10HP handling updates


v1.0.0 - Initial Release




Edited by TheCloakdOne
v1.5 Released

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5 hours ago, babumba said:

Look extremely promising, maybe i will restart botting just to give it a try.

Any native muling support on this script?

No Mue support as of yet, but #1 Muling will be supported shortly with some other mule options

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I'm excited to see this, looks like it will be great. Can't wait!

EDIT: meant to ask for trial - please and thank you!

Edited by tjet

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very nice! I'd like to try it out with the trial please :) but id like to start the trial tmr if possible please... around 4ish game time

Edited by drsalt

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