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    Hey all,

    I've been thinking about starting a botfarm and i'm stuck with some questions i'd like some feedback on before starting.

    The current idea is to bot pretty 'safe', botting about 8 hours a day. with about 10-20 clients running.

    1. Why would you pick dreambot over any other botclient?  Automatisation is one of the things that is very important to me.

    2. I want to make a lot of accounts to immediately replace the banned accounts and so I can age my new accounts a bit to reduce bans. But I thought you need to make the account on the proxy you will play on. So how would you solve this? As I don't want to buy 100 proxy's which I probably won't use right away.

    3. Should I make legit emails (gmail, hotmail etc) to create my accounts & verify them or would this be a waste?

    4. There are a lot of proxys around but a lot of them are already being used to bot on and might be flagged. Are there any good suppliers of proxy's that are not botted on? Or is this a kind of hit & miss?
    I read about residential proxys but what supplier would you recommend? It seems these are super expensive and charge per gigabite? 

    5. when you buy a proxy you get it for a month, but when you get banned your ip might be flagged and that proxy becomes useless after let's say 5 days. How do you solve this?

    If you have any other tips or if there's some botfarm discord please let me know.

    Thanks a lot!

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    1. I like Dreambot. It's personal preference - try out them all and see what suits your purpose the best.

    2. You should try and find some rotating residential proxies for account creation, and limit account creation to 1-3 per 24 hours per IP.

    3. I use fake emails ([email protected]) but I don't verify/register the email. I'll create the gmails if I need them for any reason in the future

    4. That's not something anyone will share. If you found a good proxy provider that doesn't seem to be used for OSRS botting and therefore not flagged, would you share it with a botting community? Google is your friend here.

    5. Buy a proxy for 1 week instead

    There is a plethora of information dotted around the forums - have a search as a lot of these questions have been answered :)

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    1.) Dreambot is best public client, and Dreambot 3 will just secure that lead more (soon™️).
    2.) Account creation requires residential proxies like Stoned said, datacenter proxies will generally result in locks/bans.
    3.) Just slam your keyboard really hard al[email protected], and boom you are done.
    4.) No (maybe ask @AsBakedAsCake<3 )
    5.) Don't get it flagged to begin with 

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