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  • What maximum amount of gp per month could I be possibly be making and what hardware and software is required to run 80 bots on 1 machine?


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    Gonna start osrs boting soon. I would like to know:

    1) How much gp did you make last month from boting and how many bots were you running that month?

    2) What hardware and software is required to run 80 bots on 1 machine?

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    First, you really shouldn't type your thread's content in the title.

    Second to answer your questions:

    1) By that question, I see that you are looking for motivation. Well this question is a landmine as yes when people tell you their astronomical numbers you'll get momentarily impressed and motivated but you'll eventually give up due to your expectations not being fulfilled. People in regards to Botting here range from the experienced long-timer to the newbie and I bet you even if you give the same hardware/software to the newbie he/she won't reach 10% of what the experienced person earned and that's because.. well "Experience". So start small and grow your knowledge.

    2) That's a mistake I see most newbies here make, which is go for large numbers of bots. Even if you could get a server to handle those bots, you'll run into problems like locks and bans and lose a ton of resources which will lead you to quit (unless you have the passion). Start small (1 - 3 p2p bots) and grow from there... don't try to reach the ceiling without a ladder.

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    1) No I'm not looking for motivation, I'm more than motivated already, what I am looking for though is to know what can I expect to earn per month once I am a very experienced boter.

    2) But if I follow tips on how not to get banned from osrs from botting forums and botting channels on yt, chance of getting banned is gonna be as low as it can be, right?

    Thank you for your response :)

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    On 4/12/2020 at 2:17 PM, Defiled said:

    don't try to reach the ceiling without a ladder

    jesus christ, that was the best single-short phrased motivational speech i've ever seen given this context 😃

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