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  • Dre's Mud Rune Maker (450k GP/HR) (45k XP/HR)


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    Dre's Mud Rune Maker

    This script runs to the Varrock east bank, withdraws the supplies needed to make mud runes, runs to the Earth Altar, makes the runes, and teleports back to Varrock.


    Level 13 Runecrafting

    Must be wearing an earth tiara. (script wont work if your not wearing it before starting the script)

    In your bank you must have:

    Water runes, Varrock teleport tabs, Stamina(4) potions, pure essence, binding necklace's(works without them but its necessary for a decent profit), and water talisman's.


    Integrated with ZenAntiBan.

    Always runs.

    Drinks a dose of stamina when your run energy gets close to 0.

    Replaces binding necklace's when it runs out of charges.

    This is the first script I have publicly released, hope you enjoy it.

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    Nice release, prices of mud runes are slowly crashing atm :( You should add the option to use balloon transportantion method (requires enlighted journey quest), profit/hr is higher. 

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    my account ran all the way to the earth altar and ran out of stamina pots, instead of carrying on and making the runes and teleporting it to varrok, it just turned around and walked all the way back to varrok to get another stamina pot out then walked back. may want to look into this.

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    for some reason I cannot figure out how to actually install the program to my pc, i keep getting an error message and it tells me to reinstall. each time i do this, i get the same error message, any ideas?

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    On 7/5/2020 at 9:30 PM, hd1998 said:

    it drinks stamina pots until empty

    goes back to bank to withdraw another stam pot


    doesnt even go to the altar

    In your bank you must have:

    Water runes, Varrock teleport tabs, Stamina(4) potions, pure essence, binding necklace's(optional but extremely recommended), and water talisman's.


    Try Varrock tele tabs and a bunch of water tailsman. :) couldnt get it to work for a minute but works great!!

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