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  • Any way of figuring out whether you are doing an automatic action?


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    I'm stuck at figuring out how to tell whether automatic actions that stop once you cannot do it anymore are active.


    For example, check if the user is:

    a) fletching
    b) smithing
    c) doing magic spells like charge orb


    Any help?

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    50 minutes ago, PissJar said:

    The issue with this is that there are breaks inbetween animations

    Make it sleep afterr the animation

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    What would that be of help? It has to KNOW whether it is doing said action, not simply guess. If the action gets cancelled by a level up it should be able to resume it


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    I think you would have to do something similar to this.  Check if the supplies for the item you are making are no longer in your inventory, and for level ups, use getDialogues().canContinue()

    MethodProvider.sleepUntil(() -> !getInventory().contains("Item Name") || getDialogues().canContinue(), 10000);


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    Shy beat me to it. However, for the case of the air orbs, have it check if the bot is in combat as well since you can get pk'd. There isn't a way for the bot to know you're doing something unless you tell it what to look for. For example, to extend on what zawy was saying about sleeping, if you want the bot to know it's still doing an animation that has breaks, wait until the animation stops, sleep for the number of game ticks between each animation (# * 600), and check if it's animating. Rinse and repeat. IMO this isn't very reliable and has a lot of potential to mess up from lag between game ticks, etc.

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