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    Is there any chance to get valid list of items that hero posseses?

    Methods like:



    etc. can return empty list, or only a part of items that really exists in specific location.

    That problem commonly occurs when world has changed but not only.

    ofcourse method usually works good but i can't rely on that results.


    How to check to be sure?

    How to handle it?

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    On 3/15/2020 at 7:38 PM, Pseudo said:

    Check the game status before parsing the item data? (I. E. Make sure you're in game before calling the methods). 


    Ty for your response. I'm sure that im logged into specific world (i made button that lists items for test).

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    On 3/17/2020 at 12:51 PM, Pseudo said:

    Could you post the relevant portion of your code?

    It's simply: getBank().all()

    I noticed that can occur when item is changing atm like in GE


    I have offer:

    SELL OFFER - 100 QTY for price 10 gp  each (0 sold atm)

    When someone buy couple of my items i can recieve list without that item in my offers. Its last like 1-2 secs then offer appear again like follow:

    SELL OFFER - 100 QTY for price 10 gp  each (ex 10 pcs sold)

    im wonder that can i check it somehow that item is changing and then wait to valid list?

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