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    getbank(), getInventory, getGrandExchange() seems to be able to get the data from anywhere in runescape without the bank being opened, without the inventory tab being selected and without the grand exchange menu opened.

    Im just wondering if this is cached data from when the client last saw these tabs or does dreambot really have live access to this data without their menus being selected. So If I put in a trade in GE and the trade fills while im logged off, would getGrandexchange() tell me this when I log in next time? If I put something in the deposit box, will getBank() see that the item is now in my bank without ever having to go to the bank?


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    Im not sure but I feel like the data is cached because these get functions can be called even when you're logged out. Being able to update grand exchange/bank items when those interfaces aren't opened is plausible but the data can't be obtainable when you're logged off.

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    I believe GE works, but I'm not 100% on that. It might just update when you open the GE. It should at least cache what you last saw in the GE, we grab this information straight from RS. You could probably test that pretty easily, I haven't had a script that needs GE info when it's not at the GE in a pretty good minute. So that's a question I haven't answered in a good couple of years :P

    The bank is cached on our end, in a separate variable, getBank().getBankHistoryCache()

    That'll give you the last cached bank, but it only updates the cache when you do things in the bank, so if you just logged in on a new client it won't have any bank information until you go look in your bank.

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