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  • Gnar's level 3 TUT account shop


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    accounts rested: 130

    accounts coming next week: 700+



    Selling TuT island accounts 100k each or in BTC 0.05$ each

    Working on 7 QP accounts 200k each or in BTC 0.10$ each You may pre order 7 qp accounts


    1-100 accounts you can pay in osrs GP


    you pay in BTC




    if you want to make a special order in another country IP it will take min a week for the accounts to be rested, anything above 100m GP i ask that you pay 25-50% up front, if its any heaving botting countries like Venezuelan then it can take longer

    Closed until further notice, got special orders



    all accounts are lvl 3 accounts nothing has been claimed and they all have their starting tut items in bag

    all accounts are at the GE

    all accounts are rested for 6-7 days (a few accounts may be checked next day to make sure no bans)

    all stock accounts are made on US ips at this moment in time (sorry to everyone else)


    IF any accounts are locked or banned upon arrival (first hour after transaction), i will replace or refund the account (if you paid in BTC i will not refund. only replaced)

    if by any chance the accounts are locked the 2nd time i may reject the third set of accounts sent under suspicion of abuse






    i can say no to who ever i wish even for no reason at all

    any and all times unless i say otherwise you pay first

    you will give me truthful feedback

    if you wish there to be a middle man then that is fine you pick i say yes or no (if its someone with credibility then i will say yes)

    IF YOU PAY IN BTC I WILL NOT REFUND, ONLY REPLACE i dont feel like paying BTC fees


    Contact me:


    Discord: Gnar#2560 (i will always say hello after accepting your friends request on discord)

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