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    i'm trying to make the client quicklaunch a script after loading but i cant seem to get it to work.

    I'm running the client with the following options:

    	java -jar client.jar -script "Nuclear Tut Island" -world 471 -username egede -password MyDBPassword -params MyAccountEmail MyAccountPassword

    This opens the client but for some reason it doesn't autorun the "Nuclear Tut Island" script. 

    Can someone spot what i'm doing wrong? The "Nuclear Tut Island" jar isn't actually in my Scripts folder, but it is added t my account (i can launch it manually), does that have something to do with it?


    Also another problem i noticed is when i try to set a proxy it halts before launching the client and cpu usage spikes to 100% and i have to manually kill the process.

    Below is the options i set to run with a proxy:

    	java -jar client.jar -proxyHostArg -proxyPortArg 80 -proxyUserArg MyProxyEmail -proxyPassArg MyProxyPass


    I'm running 64bit ubuntu 18 LTS


    Thanks for reading

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    Can you explain this credential thing? I'm having an issue with loading proxies into my client. The rs client won't load when I set up a proxie it gets stuck in the dreambot logo. I have been using us-proxies.org. the only way to load the page is not using a proxie.


    Thank you in advance



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