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  • [BUG?] - getDepositBox().openClosest()


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    Was trying to take the lazy mans approach to using a deposit box in a sample script I am making.  This might not be an error and just be me not understanding its intended functionality.

    Basically want to open the closest deposit box to the character.  When I call my code 

    	if (c.getDepositBox().isOpen() || c.getDepositBox().openClosest()) { ... }

    I would expect this to walk towards and open the deposit box.  


    If the deposit box is within sight of the character it will open it like I would assume it should.  

    The moment I walk out of range the bot just rotates the camera towards the deposit box and stands their.  So I checked the holy bible also know as JavaDoc.  https://dreambot.org/javadocs/


    didn't see openClosest() listed so tried open()  because the JavaDoc sound like exactly what I want.

    public boolean open()
    Attempts to open the nearest Bank Deposit Box
    Returns: true if successfully opened

    Does the same thing~

    Any feedback would be great. 



    Also can we get an update to the JavaDoc at somepoint plox? <3

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    6 minutes ago, Nuclear Nezz said:

    Ah from when I removed walking from camera movement.

    I'll take a look at it today. Sorry for not looking earlier, I could have had this in the current release.

    Awesome thanks Nezz as always!

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