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  • Client Release

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello everyone!

    Another smaller release for you guys today.

    In this release we haaaaave:

    • Deprecated old Quest enum
    • Added in new Quest interface with Free/Paid/MiniQuest enums under it, you'll find it under quests.book
    • I added quest points to the new quest enum, with plans to add in skill/quest requirements, hopefully in the next release.
    • Hint Arrow getTile fix, the getX/Y/Z should also return just straight up tile x/y/z, as well.
    • Deprecated Tab.STATS and added in Tab.SKILLS
    • Added in a toString method to the Tab enum to return a more accurate name for them
    • In LoginSolver when it fails and stops the script for whatever reason, it will enable client rendering again.
    • Deprecated TabKey.STATS and added in TabKey.SKILLS to reflect the changes in Tab class
    • Switched the queueTraversed method to a byte[], as that's what RS has it as, no longer boolean (no idea when that changed)
    • Edit* I also added in a hopeful fix for having the slight time gap between login solver and welcome screen solver. If anyone is still having issues with this, please let me know!

    I've also removed a few more deprecated methods:

    ViewportTools.getPointOnTile // see tileToScreen instead

    Account.username/password/pinProperty, deprecated because jfx is awful, and nobody should have been using these anyway.

    A constructor under ForumUser (again, nobody should be using this)


    Next release I'll be pulling out some maybe more commonly used methods, like Character.getHealth/getMaxHealth, you should be using getHealthPercent instead.


    Thanks as always everyone!

    The Dream Team

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    33 minutes ago, JBuser said:

    Do we re-download the client for updates like this or when we open the client the updates automatically sync?

    just run DBLauncher.jar and it will update the client

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