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Is starting with botting worth the time?

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Hey guys, 


I was thinking of starting botting for some¬†passive cash.¬†ūüíį

My question to you guys, is it worth the time? I can get payed scripts and vpn and all that stuff. I just would like to hear from you guys what you know.  


Thanks in advance. 

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* imo * it really just depends oh what you value your time at, and how you want to approach building that passive cash flow operation.  

Most people can be broken down into 3 categories (this applies to almost all passive cash flow methods that I partake in not just RuneScape)
   1.) Willing to invest no money, and no effort into creation of said passive income.

   2.) Willing to invest the resources (time, money, brain power) into purchasing/accusation of a bot farming solution from a private scripter/existing farmer willing to resell/premium scripts

   3.) Willing to learn, develop, and create their own farm to solve the problems they face


People who fall into category 1 rarely/never make it.  If it was as easy as download the client and use free scripts to make hundreds a month there would be no market for the MMO botting industry because everyone who needed gold/resources/skills would just bot their own.  If you fall into this category of people it is DEFINITELY not worth your time or the time you will waste of others.  (quick side note this does not apply to casual botters whom do this for fun, this was more targeted towards the guys who show up saying "gimme a FREE script in F2P that will NEVER get me banned, and requires only a level 3 account that I can run in both of my free botting slots and print hundreds of dollars a week (not going to fuckin happen m8)).

People falling into category 2 as long as they know the market they are getting into, and do proper research into whom they hire or whatever scripts they buy can usually make it.  The randoms dudes who message me willing to drop hundreds on scripts that have never played RuneScape before always make my chuckle a bit.  It's like showing up to a shooting range with a squirt gun knowledge wise. TLDR (Be sure you know the market you are trying to dive into.  Do proper research when purchasing premium/private scripts, client botting plans, and a bit of first time investment coordinating getting the farm setup.)

People falling into category 3 the above statement can still apply.  This category of people varies widely just due to the range of knowledge that can be applied.  If you are writing bossing scripts learning stuff such as anti-pattern, and optimizing bots to run as smooth as possible might be easier for some than writing large scale suicide bot farms where scale ability, and management is the name of the game.  If these guys avoid burn out and continue learning they can usually make the farm of their dreams but depending on where they are starting out on the knowledge tree might take awhile. 


This turned into a rant thanks for reading I am going back to bed.

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As someone who would say falls into category 2 or 3, having invested both money and time into it, even making and releasing scripts (now defunct).

I can say I make about $0.25/mo on this game. LOL. 

You can learn everything, even spend the money. But if you don't apply it, you wont get anywhere.


My recommendation: if you enjoy the game, want to learn something new, AND want to actively apply yourself. Get into it for the money and invest.
If you just enjoy the game and want to learn something new we have plenty of resources for scripting, I'd recommend looking around at other scripts and farms before investing regardless of your outlook on money.
If this is your first experience with Runescape, stay away. Play the game a bit, watch some streams and learn about it; then maybe comeback.


Footnote: I made more on the past, but things constantly change, and thats where knowing your market really helps.
I still enjoy runescape as a game and botting as a hobby so I probably wont be going anywhere, even tho its shit money.
The way I look at it is certain hobbies cost quite a bit, WoW being my first thought, this costs far less and sometimes even makes me money.

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