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Final Appeal

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Who banned you: @Donald Trump

Why were you banned: Toxic Behaviour / Conspiring with others

Why should you be unbanned:

I want to make a final ban appeal for Donald Trump. I've previously been not a very good member.

In the end, greed caught up to me, and too many different toxic situations eventually ended me with a ban for it.

I want to make amends and clear my name once and for all. I've changed a lot, and I'm still in the market. I want to be frank that DreamBot seems to have seen better days. I want to help the site with additional market services and a few featured posts on a website I own that gains 100-200 visitors a day within the botting niche.

Let me back, and I'll be a kind and productive member of the site the one I should have always been.

Thank you for reading. I hope you can redeem me. If not, then good luck with whatever you do in life.

Yours Faithfully,
Donald Trump

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