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  • Client Keeps on forgetting saved accounts!!


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    Almost everytime I restart the Client it makes me re enter ALL the accounts!! And sometimes it is iffy on the break system. The scripts all work fine tho :)  Any suggestions???

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    I'm not a developer nor has it happened to me, so I don't know what causes that. The accounts are stored locally inside the BotData folder, which makes me believe something's up with that directory on your machine🤷‍♂️.

    If anyone has experience with this problem, post what you know.

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    I've had a similar problem. It happens to me when I have more than one client open. The only solution I had was when I'm adding accounts I have to close out all clients, open a single client, add my accounts and breaks, close it, and then open up the clients I needed again. If I'm adding accounts with more than one client open most of the time it doesn't save, even if I'm only adding them to one client. It's not that they won't update to the other client on refresh if more than one is open, which doesn't happen, it's that once I close the client out they don't show back up on any client.

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    When your accounts file gets corrupted, on the next launch it will clear it.

    It could be getting corrupted because of reading/writing at the same time, or maybe just not saving correctly.

    Or if there's something specific that you've noticed causing it (like maybe every time you put an email with + in it, the next launch your client clears all the accounts) then I'll definitely take a look, though I'm not aware of anything like that.

    I would suggest (this is what I've done in the past to "fix" it) deleting your dreambot folder, launching one client, close the client, relaunch, add 1 empty account, close, reopen. This essentially creates a blank, hopefully fully readable, not corrupted file for it to work off of from there on.

    After that, the account should still be there, if it is then you should be good to go, just be careful of how fast you're adding accounts on however many clients.

    If it's still deleting the accounts folder after that, then again I'll see if I can take a look on our end, maybe there's just something oddly specific that is causing issues for you.

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    Make sure that when you are adding accounts you only have one client open. Then after you've added all your accounts close that client and now all the future ones you open will have the accounts without problems.

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