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How to cross a gangplank

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Can someone lead me in the right direction of how to get off a ship. 


I am coding a Karamja lobster fishing script but I am currently stuck on getting of the ship that takes you there, I cant figure out how to interact with the gangplank. I have figured out that the gangplank is an obstacle but I cant seem to figure out how to interact with it. 

A hint would be nice rather than the actual answer want to figure it out somewhat on my own. 

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@Pseudo Thing is I couldn't find anything on the forums about gangplanks besides it being an obstacle looked through obstacle api stuff couldn't figure out how to make an obstacle variable.  


My current tries have been this 

Gameobject gangPlank = getGameObjects.closest("Gangplank");



But that has not worked... Ill take a look at what you said and maybe it'll help thank you. 

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