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  • Adding Custom Web Nodes

    Nuclear Nezz

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    Hello everyone!

    In the recent client update ( I added the ability to add in your own custom web nodes, that you can make do quite literally anything.

    Note that handling teleport tab nodes is still going to be pretty rough for you to add in on your own, as they don't really have any "start" tiles of their own, so if you can make them work great, but it's probably easier for you to just check the teleports on your own, in your own logic.

    So we already had a class, CustomWebPath, that you could give an array of Tiles to create a basic list of BasicWebNode's, then connect it where ever you needed it to be.

    I've taken that class and added in being able to give it a list of your own AbstractWebNode's.

    So to start, making your own custom web node.


    This is a custom "Dungeon entrance" node. I've included a fair amount of comments on the things you should override.


    Now to add these nodes into the web.


    It was easier for me to just use pastebin for these. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them. I'm also open to suggestions on ways to make this process easier. There is no addToBeginning yet, which I could add in if that sounds useful.


    In future updates, I plan on adding in a tracker to see which nodes you're adding into the web, then on script stop it would remove them. This prevents duplicate nodes from being created.


    Also note, if you're adding in a single individual node, you'll have to do several things (outside of custom path, I mean)

    1. Create the node

    2. Find the node you want to add it to

    3. Add the connections for both of the nodes

    4. call webPathFinder.addWebNode(yourNewNode)

    #4 is the important part people don't think about, you still have to add it in to our web node list.

    You don't have to handle 3 and 4 if you're using the custom web path.


    Thanks everyone!


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    • 9 months later...

    Thread is old, but trying to revive it with a new question.

    Since the web nodes only accept the tile X and Y positions,  this works well for dungeons who have their Y positions jump to >9000. How about if you want to do a custom web node for walking through different stories, e.g., different Z values but around the same X-Y tile areas.

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    • 2 months later...

    Do somebody know how to properly use EntranceWebNodes? A buch of code (abstract one will be good enough).

    I tied to find some info about native implementation of nodes other than BasicWebNode and i fail to find any usefull information.

    I dont even know pourpose of them becouse AgilityWebBode isnt valid at all, it contains only nessesery info for solver?

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