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    Hello everyone, 

    I am trying to make my dreambot work for over 2 weeks now... 

    My pc has windows 10.

    I have multiple problems wich is very strange...

    I download dreambot, when i try to launch it, i get in 50% of the cases the following error: "The change log isnt available, please try again later or check your firewall settings." When i launch it a few seconds later it suddenly works without changing any settings... (sometimes it takes over 10 tries to make it launch). 

    Ok so when it finally launches i cant change worlds nor do they load, (again in 50% of the cases only).

    We move on... so when it launches and i can change worlds, i can just log in to game without any problems. Then i want to start a script (for a example NMZ-script) again in 50% of the cases the scipt doenst react when i want to start it...

    Then when it finally starts up you get the pop-up window where you have to select ur gear and pot set-up etc... I can type in my gear, i can change pots, i can select to use quick pray etc... but the refresh button to autofill ur gear doesnt react nor the start button doesnt react, everything else reacts fine. So i CANT start the script (any script). 

    Something strange i found out is that sometimes a paperfile appears on my screen, when i open it, it says some java errors.

    So problems i have:

    -Cant properly launch dreambot

    -Cant run scripts

    -Cant load worlds


    What i tried so far:

    -Re-installing dreambot 100+ times

    -Re-installing java 100+ times + removing any older versions + tried with 32 and 64 bit version

    -Disabling windows defender + allowing dreambot and java in windows defender

    -Java fixing programs


    I am really bad with computers, so if someone could please help me? 


    !The one who can makes it work for me gets 15m in game!


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    5 minutes ago, jonnybot said:

    @Milasoft No i dont use a proxy, i can only use 1024mb aswell when i want to launch it, i just tried to remove everything and jagex cache, still doenst work

    Did you try lowering it to 256mb? Or do you mean you can't change it? I heard there can be some issues if you set it too high.

    Edited by Milasoft
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