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    So basically I saw a thread on dreambot offering to sell gold for 0.7$/m. Obviously I've recently entered the RS Gold Merching market so I thought it was a good deal.


    Proof of Skype:






    I had no intention of going first so I actually recommended a middleman. We decided to use Nex as an MM.


    As shown in this screenshot:



    She said she didn't receive the BTC. I wasn't planning to go first to a user with less feedback than me. As soon as Nex was waiting, I said I wasn't sending the BTC first, she instantly left the Skype group and blocked me off Skype.


    Ban for attempted scam + Nex can confirm.

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    User has been put on Trade with Caution for now.

    @Clareance, please respond to the dispute made against you. It is extremely suspicious to try to circumvent a middleman after agreeing upon one.

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