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  • Ok, I'm nervous.


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    I have been like 7-12 hours botting at different skills, worst of all at my main account, I'm scared as hell, does this bot is secure? Or am gonna get banned... Please answer me, I'm nervous to be honest.

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    Botting always carries a risk, and it could possibly happen that you get banned. You also may be fine! Try not to worry too much, whatever happens happens, I've got my fingers crossed for you!


    In the future I'd advise not botting on any account you can't afford to lose, and only bot a few hours at a time without a substantial break.

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    I mean I got 180k experience on Crafting, 9700 experience on Runecrafting, 20k experience on Smithing, 5k experience on Fishing and 70k experience on Firemaking, that would be 8 hours, does it is suspicious of botting for the System?

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    There is no such thing as 100% safe botting. You will eventually get banned, no matter what factors you try and change. 

    If you choose to bot still, then it becomes a game of appearing as human as possible. Things like how many people use the script you are using, how well the script is written, how much does the script allow you to manipulate the way it works, is the method you are botting used to farm gold or not, your break settings, and plenty more. Hell luck is even a decent part of it. 

    I don't think anybody has 100% foolproof methods. With all that said, you can absolutely come out ahead and profit from botting. But as far as botting your main account to max? Very very unlikely. Botting a few 99's? It can be done. Good luck, I suggest you learn successful botting methods on an account you don't care about before using the methods on your true main account. 

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