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    All members involved: Prime
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    Explanation: I wanted to sell some gold to some user, we agreed that we can use a MM only if it's Prime or Hashtag. He then said Prime is on vacation and I explained Hashtag won't answer because his not active. He then agreed the guy who wanted to buy my gold that he will send 1st half via Ether, I give him the 150mill or whatever it was then do the 2nd half. I also explained if its easier because he thinks i'll scam him that i can do the trades according to my mule accounts values and posted him a cropped image of the list of mules with amounts i have like 61mill, 96mill etc. Then whilst waiting for him to send the first half he said his now looking for a MM I then stated his taking the micky changing his mind after we agreed and then posted this image and said have a good day.
    My dispute here is Prime is trash talking behind my back and has prevented a $300 trade. The user explained to Prime that I can do MM only if it's him or hashtag instead he decides to tarnish my reputation by saying I have been very angry and unstable then further trashes my reputation by saying his hearing a lot of crazy things about me.


    I've also kept a backup of this topic in case Prime decides it's not dispute worthy to protect himself. I also expect a full apology from Prime via a reply on here stating that he shouldn't have tarnished my reputation and should have offered the user to do a MM for this $300 trade, instead he decides to bash me. So overall I want a public apology.

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    A user asked me for my risk-assessment regarding the trade, and I gave my input on it. I'd say these things in public or private. You are not above criticism. You are certainly not entitled to the full unconditional trust of anybody here, especially given your actions as of late. The suggestion of a middleman is simply a logical suggestion.


    You are literally banned from the forum, and it is no longer a privilege of yours to conduct trades here. Of course, we are lenient here at DreamBot and generally don't go out of our way to crack down it, either way. However, the fact that staff members were willing to extend the leniency to provide a middleman service to help facilitate your trade is an act of generosity. The fact that you spin the voluntary provision of a free middleman-service into an attack on your character is very telling of your personality.


    And yes, I have heard many things about you lately that would contribute to my declining trust in you. Your vindictive dispute here isn't doing much favors for people's perception of your rationality, either.


    Also, staff members were willing to offer you the middleman-service such that you could perform your trade with him uninhibited. Despite you trying your best efforts to defame us, the staff team still volunteered, free of charge, to help facilitate your transaction in a risk-free manner. You are the one that declined the trade, after a middleman volunteered to assist. You are ultimately the reason why the trade didn't proceed.



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    Prime wasn't wrong.

    You are a very angry person, and you have reacted to a lot of situations in a very unstable way.


    You're banned from our site for nearly that specific reason. I see nothing wrong with what Prime did, he said what was on his mind and warned a user about your behavior and he suggested a middle man.

    The only reason that would be detrimental for you is if you specifically wanted to trade without a middle man.


    That would suggest you were up to nefarious things. I'm just gonna go ahead and close this.

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    This topic is now closed to further replies.

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