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    So for the past week or so i have been making free accounts and botting with the free scripts of dreambot (used to play alot before and just now getting back into rs, training boring ass skills manually is no longer fun as once a botter always a botter :P). The thing is i seem to be getting permabans after 1-3 days every single time. So it's f2p, free dreambot on a free world. 


    So i guess my question would be if i were to buy VIP and used a paid script together with covert mode, as well as buying a membership on RS straight away, how likely would i to be banned? I mean would this improve my chances of not getting banned drastically? I read through the forums and many guys seem to be botting hours after hours here without any bans so do you have any tips?


    (Bonus question: Is there a refund time for RS membershIp? Lets say i buy members bot and get banned like 3 days after, can i refund that fast and buy another membership?)

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    p2p heppens to get banned less fast as f2p


    premium/private scripts are better since they are better writen(in most cases) and less users than free scripts


    Convert mode is not a miracle tool 


    Bonus question: no 


    Jagex is good at banning bots from all the years of exspierence they have botting is not something as easy to profit on as it used to be years ago you will get banned often its alot of trial and error before you find something that works for you

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    I used your method with Dreambot back when jugs of water were going for almost 50 gold each both as a Vip and free user. As you said the suicide accounts won't last more than 1 - 3 days on F2P. It is the same for P2P and more likely to be 1 day.


    If you are going to purchase vip i would like to make you aware that you will need access to a bank card and will not be able to use Paypal unless buying from other users.


    If you do get vip try asking some of the scripters for a free trial of some of their paid sdn scripts.


    I don't recommend covert mode for suicide gold farming.


    If you weren't already aware, some of the users that upload those progress shots are/have used breaks while they were botting. It usually says that they have used breaks on the thread close to the image.


    They won't refund you, even after days of conversation and undeniable evidence.

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