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  • [Resolved] Dispute with Blue's Gold Shop


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    Members: @Arctic and @Blue


    Reason for dispute: I sold Blue 375m 07 for $825 USD and when I was forced to refund, blue decided to just keep my money and my gold.


    Proof of trade:






    So shortly after the trade happened an anonymous buyer from my PayPal called the fraud department reporting my account breaking PayPal's TOS by selling/buying goods as Friends/Family (fraud department all reports are anonymous).  The next day I received an email about breaking PayPal's TOS  saying...  "Unfortunately, this is against our policies, and we need your help correcting it." - after calling I refunded the money to multiple people who's transaction broke the policy and all had no issue giving me my gold, or sending it to me via another method (I gave them money for their troubles) except blue and arctic.  I gave the users a heads up on the situation, and tried talking to them for 2 days, before I finally refunded on Feb 11th, and the users have refused to give me my gold, or money via another source.  I have proven to the users, their is no way I can chargeback the refund, my refund was not against PayPal's policies etc...  The users just continued to make excuses, which I have proven all false. When a moderator said he would accept the money for me on my behalf and take all responsibilities for the funds...  The users still said they would not send him the money.  This is just one of the examples where I have tried to be accommodating and the users just refuse to give me my money.  Blue have banned me from their live chat on Feb 10th, blocked me on Skype  the same day, and arctic now too has blocked/deleted me on Skype.  Since I have proven the users previous excuses not to pay me false, when I ask them why they are keeping my money, they simply ignore the question. The user's have been banned on another site for scamming me. Also the members have no provided proof to why they actually deserve to keep their money.  The users just call mods "corrupt" or "biased" or other insults when they do not agree with them... They are acting like children and have insulted staff from multiple sites... If Blue did not get exactly what he wanted.


    Proof of buyer reported my account:



    Proof of PayPal contacting me about breaking their TOS:






    Proof of refund:





    Proof I cannot chargeback:




    Proof the user does not state why they are keeping my money:  






    Proof users are banned on another site for scamming me:







    Additional proof:

    If a mod/admin wants to contact me via Skype, I can send me calls between me and PayPal Fraud specialist confirming Blue has no right to keep my money, it is not against PayPal's policies if a trade is started on PayPal to finish it on another transaction method and it is not against PayPal's policy to refund form an limit'd account... These are just a few of the things that these calls proved that Blue is lying.


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    We've notified Arctic and Blue about the dispute.

    We will wait to hear what they have to say, and staff will be reviewing the dispute.


    Thank you for your patience, hopefully we can get this resolved quickly. :)

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    I don't want to spend anymore time on this case, he's launched a full investigation on Sythe, TriBot, and OSBot. Which have all been ruled in my favor of repaying him after 180 days. This removes all liability from me in the event of a reversal.


    Refer to:





    Thread on OSBot got deleted for some reason, and the trade took place there. There is another botting forum where we got banned because he had a biased mod friend. That site is "TopBot".


    Also referring to the OP where he states "He was forced" to refund, that is completely false. He was originally trying to transfer funds to another PayPal account that was not limited. He manually refunded and pretended that PayPal made him refund. We had specifically told him not to refund, but he did it anyway. Therefore NO liability should be put upon us. 180 days is the amount of days an unauthorized transaction can be disputed, therefore waiting 180 days to refund is the safest option.

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    @Blue I'm going to need confirmation on what type of PayPal account you have (personal, premier, business, student, etc)

    I'll also need confirmation on what country you're based in.

    Not just verbal, please screenshot the areas of your paypal that are relevant.

    We'll make sure not to approve until we've removed any personal identifying information.





    I've received confirmation that the account is a business account.

    This eliminates it from the idea of the transaction being a remittance transaction.

    Remittance transaction was the reason previously made to wait for 180 days, as you can dispute a remittance transaction after 180 days.

    As far as unauthorized transactions goes, all I can find is that you have 60 days unless you had a reason that you couldn't report it within those 60 days, it'll be extended by 60 days.


    I'll wait for @Eliot to get back (tomorrow night) and discuss the dispute with him.

    We'll let you know the result ASAP. Sorry for the wait. 



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    @Blue and @Arctic have made it clear they are in possession of exactly USD 825 of @Justin's property. We understand and acknowledge that @Justin, acting on his own desire, refunded the USD 825 to @Blue and @Arctic. We also understand that both @Arctic and @Blue have spent time handling these disputes in an attempt to evade the repayment or delay the repayment of the aforementioned property.


    If @Arctic and @Blue wish to retain their ability to access the DreamBot community and marketplace they must either (a) repay @Justin USD 825 (or 375M 2007 RuneScape gp) within 5 business days, meaning on or before Friday, February 27, 2015, or ( B) provide absolute 100% proof from PayPal itself that @Justin can reverse the refund within 180 days.


    Thank you to all, and lets get this settled quickly.



    This decision is based solely upon on the evidence presented to me at the time of this post.





    The staff has been in touch with PayPal, and while it is not entirely clear if reversing a refund is possible, we are going to allow 60 days to pass so that it is impossible to file an unauthorized transaction on the refund.


    @Blue and @Arctic are to refund @Justin via 2007 GP or another agreeable payment method on or before April 15, 2015.

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