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  • QuickPrayer class


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    Feel free to give criticism/tips :) 


    Utility methods for quick prayer management  :ph34r:

    package io.articron.cronfighter.feature;
    import io.articron.cronfighter.fw.ScriptEnvironment;
    import org.dreambot.api.methods.prayer.Prayer;
    import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.widgets.WidgetChild;
    import java.util.Arrays;
    import java.util.stream.Collectors;
     * Author: Articron
     * Date:   2/09/2017.
    public class QuickPrayer {
        private ScriptEnvironment env;
        private final int PARENT_WIDGET = 77;
        private final int SUB_PARENT_WIDGET = 4;
        private final int ORB_WIDGET = 160;
        private final int PRAYER_ORB = 14;
        private final int QUICK_PRAYER_SETTING = 83;
        private final int QUICK_PRAYER_ACTIVE_SETTING = 375;
        private final int DONE_BUTTON = 5;
        public QuickPrayer(ScriptEnvironment env) {
            this.env = env;
        public boolean isOpen() {
            WidgetChild quickPrayerScreen = getQuickPrayerWidget();
            return quickPrayerScreen != null && quickPrayerScreen.isVisible();
        public boolean open() {
            if (isOpen())
                return true;
            WidgetChild prayerOrb = getPrayerOrb();
            return (prayerOrb != null) && prayerOrb.isVisible() && prayerOrb.interact("Setup");
        public boolean close() {
            if (!isOpen())
                return true;
            WidgetChild closeButton = env.getDreambot().getWidgets().getWidgetChild(PARENT_WIDGET,DONE_BUTTON);
            return (closeButton != null) && closeButton.interact("Done");
        public boolean tickPrayer(boolean on, Prayer prayer) {
            if (!isOpen())
                return open() && tickPrayer(on,prayer);
            if (isTicked(prayer) != on) {
                WidgetChild prayerBox = getQuickPrayerWidget().getChild(prayer.getChildIndex() - 4);
                return prayerBox.interact("Toggle") && tickPrayer(on,prayer);
            return on == isTicked(prayer);
        public boolean tickPrayers(boolean on, Prayer... prayers) {
            return Arrays.stream(prayers).anyMatch(p -> !tickPrayer(on,p));
        public boolean isActive() {
            return env.getDreambot().getPlayerSettings().getConfig(QUICK_PRAYER_ACTIVE_SETTING) == 1;
        public boolean setActive(boolean active) {
            return getPrayerOrb().interact(active ? "Activate" : "Deactivate");
        public boolean isTicked(Prayer prayer) {
            return ((env.getDreambot().getPlayerSettings().getConfig(QUICK_PRAYER_SETTING) & prayer.getSetting()) == prayer.getSetting());
        public boolean isTicked(Prayer... prayers) {
            return Arrays.stream(prayers)
        public Prayer[] getTickedPrayers() {
            return (Prayer[]) Arrays.stream(Prayer.values())
        private WidgetChild getQuickPrayerWidget() {
            return env.getDreambot().getWidgets().getWidgetChild(PARENT_WIDGET,SUB_PARENT_WIDGET);
        private WidgetChild getPrayerOrb() {
            return env.getDreambot().getWidgets().getWidgetChild(ORB_WIDGET,PRAYER_ORB);
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