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  • Dev blog #7


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    Hey everyone!

    Just another update to let you all know about what’s going on, on our end.

    • Meeting times adjusted to Mondays at 6:30 Eastern. It works better for the team.
    • Advertising is continuing with free advertising until we have a larger script repository.
    • Updater development continues.
    • Walking is moving to a preloaded flag based web.
    • Interactions are in the process of being revamped. Right now they contain too much recursion for our liking, so we’re simplifying it. This should improve our debug time and allow us to fix things quicker.

    Those are our big projects we’re working on.

    Is there anything else you’d like to see?




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    It's currently a little difficult to find specific widgetchildren with the widget explorer. Could we perhaps have an update where when you select a specific widget, it will draw the bounds for every specific child in that category?

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    We've gained about 100 new members in the past week :)


    Looks like the linked signatures are working, haha! 100 members a week is pretty steady, lets keep at it :D

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    Free VIP and our advertising efforts have been proving a great success, keep at it all! Good work!


    This. Perhaps you should leave that on until you reach a large enough userbase using the client(Not even sure when it's turning off xD) that you will actually get some sales once the promotion is over if you have access to that kind of data(IDK what kind of stuff you guys track in your SQL charts, but I'm assuming you track this since you limit instances...). A large chunk of the first couple hundred members are mostly people that register everywhere and people that don't really bot. This new chunk of users is likely the kind that will bot and will be inclined to use DreamBot's VIP+ features later on once they see how good it is. I'm also sad to see that most of the beta scripters are gone. :( The client wasn't in really good shape then but the devs worked hard and it's probably one of the best clients out there now. 

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