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    Members Involved: @riset4   @Banker


    Thread Link: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/10685-bankers-private-script-store


    Note. I am happy to accept a negative feedback for the request overall but with a truthful message.


    Explanation: Received a large script request from @riset4 a while ago, and blindly agreed to complete the script for a sum of $170 which he paid to my PayPal before i started the script. It is clear to me and others that I have spoken to about it that i was out of my depth with the script which is one of the numerous reasons that it took so long (far over agreed time). Other reasons include my "Explaination" thread, and due to my main testing account that required 60+ stats and members to be able to test the script in question was banned and had no replacement.


    Around half-way through the time it had actually taken me, I had issued a 50% refund for the excess time taken while i continued to work on the script and an account that could be used to test it before delivery. Obviously time went on and @riset4 required the money back and lost interest in the script. Despite the amount of time i had put into the script i went on to give the remaining 50% refund back, resulting in a 100% refund even after putting time into the script and having it ready at a testable level to be debugged and delivered.


    All i want from this is to have my negative feedback either changed to neutral, and/or edited to simply state a true reflection of the deal, eg. "Script request took far over time", instead of stating that i should not be trusted with money which would deter anyone from trading with me or trusting me with sums of money as others have done in the past.




    - Not sure what to put, so I'll just show the 2 Payments for the refund.


    Payments: http://imgur.com/a/1Nrzk (First payment was converted to his currency which equaled $85 USD at time of payment)

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    Since you refunded him, and it sounds like there was a fair amount of communication throughout the process, I'm going to remove the feedback.

    Riset can leave you a neutral with a better message, eg: didn't finish script, refunded payments.

    But I agree that a negative with a disrespectful message is a bit steep for the situation.

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