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    All members involved: @CheapestRDP; @@Donald Trump;
    Thread Link: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/11384-5-vps-new-stocks-best-for-botting/


    Before we start I need to say that I dont know good English.


    Donald Trump, since I come here first time, he was always using bad words, and lies against me without a reason and proof. He say that I am selling hacked vps but I even have a invoice for it. This is not right. Let me show you something that he done.




    He said I will terminate his business by using my IP. God knows what he will do. This is clear threat. I think he tried to ddos my servers and something like that.( I dont have any proof for it Im just guessing because he threat me.)


    This is not it,




    I know, he can do business with whoever he want, but he can not talk like this. This hurts my business. And also he has no reason to say that. He is angry because Im selling cheaper than him. 

    Wherever he see me, he is starting acting like a kid and saying bad words, lies and etc. He says that I will steal people account but he has no proof. And I also have 2 customer who has good methods and a place in this community.


    Im selling cheap because I am trying to get a place in this community and do my business better. I need feedbacks, thats why I sell cheap. 






    Wow this sounds so legit, I can't wait to have my accounts hacked. Where do I sign up?
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    1. Your image links are deceiving, they don't actually show imgur. This demonstrates your deceiving nature.

    2. You made a brand new DB account with a username that in history is similar to scammers. Like "getgoldnow" "goldshop123", this doesn't guarantee you're a scammer but is normally used when spamming or posting a forum in effort to gain immediate recognition that you have the "cheapest rdp server". This could be a good marketing technique but as several others have pointed they get that scammer feeling.

    3. To further highlight your deceiving nature you added me on skype posing as a potential vps customer. The main point here is you were asking me how do i get such cheap servers, my answer was I purchased them during a rare yearly sale of the provider. You then like a snake point out you're YOU, this then escalated and we had words and blocked each other. This statement I have no proof but to simply show he is a deceiving character similar to a typical scammer.

    4. Upon creation of your new DB acc you shortly after proceeded to make your shop. I believe you initially offered a $5 RDP which is a shared type in germany, I approached you questioning the authenticity of this. Obviously we get no where and I basically call him a scammer in the making. Not long after I visit his shop to see how my friendly competitor is doing because obviously his not banned yet, I'm surprised to an entire new set of offers but this time located in USA. I then question him what happen to the german server and he said it expired.

    5. Now following on point 4, in my initial skype conversation he explained a "friend" sells him this E5 64GB RAM whatever server in GERMANY for $10. I explained to him back then a $10 server for that is impossible and his friend must be making a loss to sustain it. I also gave advise this won't last forever, especially if a hacker utilized his services. Probably not even a week later this guy tells me it expired and that's the end of that server, HOWEVER at that time he was selling monthly RDP servers advertised in germany DC. This highlights more deceiving nature.

    6. Whilst he had the german server he was giving away free VPS's which may have contributed to the no sales of his $5 rdp. Maybe in knowing it'll expire soon and his friend gave him the heads up.

    7. I asked someone who got a free trial and he send me an IP belonging to hetzner, this deceiving person said his "friend" works for the company and that they're not using the server so also because his a friend for 20years with this random guy in germany he gets a impossibly cheap dedicated server for $10.

    8. Now wind forward a week of arguing of his authenticity and playing the victim card he now has a new set of offers. This contains yet another highly unsustainable server, the CPU alone will cost upwards of $6000 etc. The power costs a lone of an E7 is probably $100+/month. If his renting an E7 it's $100-200+/month.

    9. This user also mentioned recently he resells for a friend from a company. Now is this company in USA or GERMANY or TURKEY? Who knows, maybe next week we'll see another server in play.

    10. The user gave bonbom a trial of his vps, bonbom was complaining or something and turns out this deceiving character checked bonbom's history and seen he ran a benchmark, this is clear demonstration of the lengths he will go to. To also note he said he didn't care about customer privacy because it's his VPS. Funny he doesn't include that!


    The user should be forced to show the authenticity of the servers he is selling to this great community, he should also stop making lies up and actually just say the truth. He should also be forced to stop spamming with his useless crap in discord and playing the victim card every damn second. I also reiterate that any of his customers is no longer my future customers, I have the right to refuse all and any business regardless if my terms of service state it!


    note: I have no skype logs, i deleted the guy and blocked him. I also deleted the chat log because he waste my time whilst being a snake and pretending to be a client so he can get more information and even asked me for advise.






    Found this in his history, so his saying he sold a server that HIS getting for $10/month from his friend who works for a company that sells server to him at a big loss (not sure if hetzner or not) and now it's gone. Seems extremely fishy to me, I guess after all it wasn't expired.

    Edited by Donald Trump
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    1. It because I send this explanation to the admin first, but as you can see I uploaded photos to the imgur but somehow it looks like that.

    Why are you trying to take to the subject to other things. This is not important.

    2. I can put my name what ever I want. You have no rights to judge because of my nick.

    3.I wasn't talking like a customer. I thought I found something weird in your service and I asked that question because of that. You told me you are scammer, and I saw your prices and then I checked the company that you said I buy from here, and prices was different. Thats why I asked you. There is no connection.

    4.As I say before, I dont even know how to bot good. I dont even know how to play runescape good. I was playing this when I was 10 years old with my classmates and I was 50 lvl or something. I stopped playing and about 1 month ago, I saw a advertisement about Runescape (I guess it was a private server advertisement.) So I said oh let me see how runescape change. And I started this game again. I played for a while and then I find these websites ( The bot services) while im looking for something else.

    Then I see there is a good place to start a business. Because the other seller's prices are way too high against mine. So I checked forum for a while and then I create a website, and started a thread in here. Little after I reazlized that selling RDP is not a good idea because people has their own methods to bot and they were secret. (People said we wont have admin priv. if we buy it, and you can see what we do. Then, I thought I should sell VPS which is more safe. This is it.

    The reason why I had a different location is I thought mostly users are from US. Somebody said your rdps are laggy and I thought this is because the distance between locations. ( Customer connection from US and server in Germany so it makes lag.) Then I decided to buy a US one. There is nothing wrong. I didnt sell any rdp. I did not scam anyone. There is anything wrong.

    AND I NEVER SAID THAT GERMANY SERVER IS EXPIRED. I sold them to someone else from another forum (Not related with runescape, a Turkish forum.)

    5. I Dont pay 10$ for servers. I get %45 discount for every server that I buy. My friend already buying them for same price from the another company. He work with different companies. And if you know 100 hosting company, trust me 95 of them doing the same thing. Because not everybody can afford a Datacenter.

    As I said, server didn't expired. I sold them. Even if would be expired, I would renew it. As I said at the top, I sold them, because I needed a server in US. Also, someone made a perfect offer. There was no reason for not to sell it because I did not sell anybody else from that server.

    6. I dont give free vps away. I give free trial. People didn't trust me. I understand that, because Im new. So I need to show that Im not a scammer and I can provide what ever I say. And I did. Now the guys who got trial before, bought servers. Thats mean my strategy worked and Im legit.

    7. I already gave answer for these question at the top. But again, I dont buy for 10$, and do you think a big company would say everybody that ' yeah this is our ips. ' ? That would be bad for privacy right? And do you have any proof of it? And you probably didnt listen me or I made a mistake with my bad English, because I said, the guy who is my friend is from Turkey. And we grew up in same street in Turkey. We know eachother very well. In my country, friendships has a meaning. I would even die for him. And he is same.

    8. I dont play victim card. Im not a victim. You are harassing me for no reason. THERE IS NO ACTUAL REASON FOR CALLING ME A SCAMMER. let see what is scammer,''One who does everything in his/her power to steal from another, usually by means of trickery, deceit, and force.'' as you see, there is nothing about me.

    Yes, cpu cost may be more than 6k. But my super smart friend, once you buy cpu it would be yours. So when I done with server, they can sell someone else. If we think the same thing on your servers, how can you sell a server for 30$ with 6k$ cpu?

    9. My friend's company is in TURKEY. One of the biggest company in Turkey. IF ADMINS ASK, WE CAN GO TO THE LIVE CHAT AND ASK THEM IF I PAY FOR THIS SERVER OR NOT. I can come up with what ever server location I want. Am I scamming someone? No, am I doing something wrong? NO. If I sell something for a month, thats mean that product will be last long for 1 MONTH. IF else, show me a proof.

    10. I did't give him a actual trial. All the discord chat were saying you are scammer etc. and Bonbom said '' give me a server and let me check it.'' and I gave him a server for just see the specs etc. After 20 min, he didn't respond. The guy who has GGWP nick in Discord can say ''this is true'', because he was there and saw everything. Even I can prove it. Yes, I checked the vps that I gave him for the see specs, because he didn't respond. So I thought maybe he didn't even connect to the vps, and he may be Trump's friend and can say oh this guy has a bad vps. So I needed to check if he really connect it or not. And the only way to do that was checking internet browser am I wrong? I mean, what would you do something private in a server that somebody gave you just for checking specs? Also as I said, I didn't know if he connect or not because he wasn't responding. So I thought if there is something in history, thats mean he connected and checked.

    Still, it is my vps, and I can do what ever I want. But once I rent that vps to someone for a month, I NEVER CONNECT IT. I already can see cpu usage and ram usage in my ESXI panel. I dont care what you do in your server unless you do something illegal. And if you do something illegal the company that I work with would send me a email about it.





    He is still calling my servers ''useless'' this is the main subject, he hurt my business. He must get a punishment.


    For the note: If you dont have any skype logs, please do not talk about skype. Dont talk about anything you dont have a proof for it. This is not right.




    Here I got his lie. Didn't he said that I said the server is expired? What? He just show a proof of against this. I just told him that I sold them. And he is clearly LYING.


    For the last sentence, he says '' (not sure if hetzner or not)'' but didn't he just said, I asked to the company and they said this ip is not belong us? Dude, you are clearly LYING AT ALL.

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    This is the information email of my first server which is in Germany and I gave free trial of RDP.





    And this is the topic that I sell rdp :



    As you can see, server is bought only 4 day ago before thread. Which means I bought this server for selling rdp in runescape bot forums. Also, you can see the domain that I use to register on server.

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    Look I see we obviously need to get this resolved. If I may I should give you advice, first you should just say you buy server and currently sell at a loss because you need feedback to then sell other services. Why go through all of this and yes you did mention what I said on skype, you are calling me a liar? I have not harassed you at all, I am looking out for the community and I've raised legit concerns, as many others have said also. It also doesn't help your case by just digging yourself a hole. You should have just said "Hey man I just need feedback atm so im losing money to get feedback." . I don't have a conflict of interest because I don't sell servers like a company does, I simply have spare servers that I don't use for farming or whatever and then resell them for the COST PRICE so I don't lose money.


    You've even mentioned you have no clue about Linux and that you have limited knowledge of Windows in Discord, how can you mark the remark that you offer the best services? Why did you message me on skype specifically asking how did i get the servers so cheap? What is this about huh? Now moving forward, the clear answer is you can just continue selling your services and we'll see how long you can keep this up. What you may not understand...SURE you got servers now that may be appealing to consumers but like you mentioned on discord you'll raise your pricing quite a lot (don't quote me, he said similar), will your customers stay loyal and foot the extra bill? Time will tell.


    Next time you should work harder on how to approach things, actually be apart of this community not just join and expect everyone coming to your door with flowers. We get targeted by scammers daily and they keep expanding their ways. I don't understand someone in right mind that makes a loss on selling servers to a community that WILL eat up your entire CPU and you WILL have issues especially not even knowing about botting and the current runescape.


    I don't have anything else to say, Nezz can decide if I've harassed you or not. My personal opinion is that you've done this to yourself.

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    Now you are talking like a human being. There is no problem if you ask me questions about why are you selling at lost etc. But before you ask these questions, you just came and called me scammer and eventhough I answer these questions, you still calling me scammer. I show you proofs and everything. You can not call me SCAMMER unless I scam someone. So you have to say sorry for all this things in all this perfect community and this sbuject will be resolve.

    You hurt my business. You made explanations at first, but now you are talking softly, because even you understand that Im not a scammer now/

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    This user will have disputes sent in. Two unhappy paid customers without a server you promised. This is scamming, when people start listening to me is the day you wont get scammed. DONT BUY ACCS, DONT BUY ANYTHING FROM STRANGERS. ffs I should be the damn moderator of this market because i will ensure scammers have a real hard time.

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