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  • Dispute against usethewiki

    Donald Trump

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    All members involved: ME & https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/user/5238-usethewiki/

    Thread Link: My Feedback


    As explained in his feedback remark this user has stated that I "resold" old proxies to him. This is a dispute against this feedback and also explaining to consumers further details about the proxy business and other things. Firstly my topic:
    It clearly shows three things.
    "Private Socks5 Proxy" - Meaning you're buying access to an IP that only you will have access to during your subscription.
    All proxy operations they all use a pool, so ultimately you could eventually get given the same IP. This is an industry standard, their is proxy sellers out there that specifically state that the IP would never have been used before, but this is a short sighted guarantee that really could be the opposite, I don't state this. Also for clarification purposes the vast majority of my IP's aren't easily identified like a /24 or /23 would be that the big proxy sites use. My IP's are within subnets that host tens of millions and under 5% of my IPs have more than 1 IP in a subnet the size of /24.
    So ultimately this user's feedback is unjustified and should be removed. If he wanted proxies that aren't resold then he should have found a seller that specifically states this, however the user has threatened me on skype and has resorted to this:
    I have to admit that I've called this user a retard on skype. He might have expressed the above because I've also said any future business won't happen. Either way the above is unjustified and is clearly aimed for a reaction. This user should be warned about his choice of words because he goes past the line and the negative feedback should be removed. He bought a product that he thought was another product. Next time he should shop specifically with sellers that state what I mentioned above otherwise like every other proxy site or seller they all use a pool and my pool is a good pool compared to some sites that sell /24's and below in bulk.
    I am willing to make a detailed topic showing a bunch of methods on my IPs at various times like weekdays, weekends and doing that with several accounts. If you'll want this then +1 this topic, also it's highly unlikely that Jagex targets specific IPs. The majority of my proxy sales have 1 month gaps between Customer A and Customer B. So the rest time will likely expire any action Jagex has taken on a specific IP. It's unlikely you'll be given an IP that was just literally used by another botter.


    Evidence: Above.

    Edited by Donald Trump
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    His remark about not responding on skype, is that accurate?


    No I didn't even mention that because it's invalid. How can I respond faster if I'm sleeping? The fact is I woke up and checked my phone and then started to reply to him.

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    I think my conclusion on this is that the user will be able to leave you a neutral feedback, stating that you have resold him the same proxies. You should add to your threads, Donald, that your proxies are not guaranteed to be fresh.

    I'll be removing the negative feedback from your profile.

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