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  • Scam Report against Not The One


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    His DreamBot Profile: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/user/74932-not-the-one/


    His Discord Profile: http://i.imgur.com/0u3atxR.png


    He advertised selling 60/60/60 combat accounts for extremely low prices, and he wanted to form a partnership with me in which he could keep supplying me the accounts. I noticed that he set verified emails on the accounts, even though I explicitly requested for them to be unverified. When I made clear again that I wanted the accounts to have unverified emails, he was visibly upset and no longer wanted to continue our business partnership. However, he was still insistent that I pay him for the accounts he had made thus far. He was very rude and bitchy about it, too. Realistically, since he had clearly set verified emails on the account and broken our agreement; I no longer had to agree to the trade. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and decided to pay him for the accounts.


    Fast forward a bit, he recovered both accounts from me.


    Here's what I see now when I log on: http://imgur.com/WCQlML2.png

    He has clearly recovered both accounts and changed their passwords. It is hopeless for me to try to get back the accounts, as he has the original IP of creation and the original verified email.


    I tried to contact him about the issue, but as you can see here, he has blocked me. He obviously intended to scam me and blocked me so that he could avoid having to deal with the confrontation.




    This person has provably scammed me, and has provably blocked me to try to avoid the consequences of his actions.

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    Doesn't seem like this guy's ever going to respond. He's too afraid to confront the person he scammed, and even had to block me.

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