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  • [Nex] Scripts add-ons improvements.


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    Im gonna make some improvements based on feedback i get, please post below if you like to see something changed/added and if its realistic il add it to the list:


    Current list:

    Not Started

    Working on


    Nex Prayer:

    - Adding own house

    - Marrentill support (lighting burners)

    Nex Barbarian Fisher:

    - Faster looking for new spot


    Nex Thiever:
    - Ardougne knight add


    Nex Caged Ogres:

    - Easyer GUI

    - Stop when out of ammo


    Nex Yaks:

    - Script rework

    - Add potions

    - GUI add

    - Better paint


    Nex Chaos Druids:

    Added better looting
    smoother interactions


    Edited by Nex
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    • 2 weeks later...

    Any idea on the knight update? :)

    --- 15/8/2017

    Actually botting a account right now,



    waiting for the required level before i can test & add it  :wub:



    Got the thieving level, now just bug testing & it will be live soon!




    live on the sdn now :^)


    --- 25/8/2017

    Reworking Nex yaks currently.. 


    Adding a gui:



    New paint:


    New: ICX62Pf.png


    - Adding Potions as seen in new GUI.

    - Adding smoother banking

    - rework overall with better conditionals

    Edited by Nex
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    Ardounge woman support for 1-5 thieving would be useful. <3

    hm kinda got camelot men for that as its near, but if i get spare time i can add it 

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    • 3 weeks later...



    Caged ogres updated:


    new GUI:



    - Added stop when out of ammo



    Chaos Druids updated:


    - Better Looting

    - Custom interactions


    - New Paint:


    Edited by Nex
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