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  • The story of two little boys.


    story of the 2 little boys  

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    1. 1. would you sell your soul?

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    One day there were 2 boys playing together it was a sunny day nothing more they were dreaming about becoming scripter on dreambot one boy said ''Would be nice to get scripter rank" they kept talking about becoming good scripter/ethical hacker but they were stuck in this one place since they both had no brain they couldnt climb the ladder. One week later a demon(ONI) came down from hell and asked both boys ''Would you like to become best scripter on dreambot, would you like become the famous ZEZIMA,



    One boy said yes he became the best scripter of dreambot became scripter rank beyond max_integer he got the girls, he was more OP then nivea(fictional god), he won the nobel price for dreambot scripter. He lived the life that everyone wanted to life he was the smartest he finally made it(sold scripts for 50$) and was arrogant, but not for nothing he sold his soul, his psyche.


    The other boy still kept dreaming about becoming the best dreambot scripter of the world, but he was stuck in his novice scripter rank he couldnt climb the ladder because he was dumb asfk, he tried, he prayed to God(fictional charcyer???) for help, he never got answered and one day he was old. He was old still stuck in his novice scripter rank and he thought about that moment to sell his soul for fame, rsgold, db-rank, power.


    The men that sold his soul/psyche was rethinking he was sad he saw everything, he knows that this world is dull on the other hand the dumb boy was struggling to stay novice rank he was stupid and couldn't change it. both had big regretss in life.


    regardless of there choice they both died one went to heaven one to hell, both regretted there choice of life.



    kill yourself

    run away before the demon talks to you: https://imgur.com/account/favorites/xXGYt2V


    Free will is a myth.

    Religion is a joke.

    We are all pawns controlled by something greater.

    if grammar is shit not my problem

    edited grammar.

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