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  • First Dreambot farm project.


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    Thought since ifs my first botting project il be using the dreambot client for i may aswell share the progress :)

    (Please note i have alot of botting experience, this is just my first run on the dreambot client. not as a farmer)


    - Will be keeping this updated from creation till ban.

    - Will only post my test run of 3 accounts.

    - Will not post full screenshots and indept information. 


    Day 1: 

    - Created 3 accounts and made them 30 day members,

    - I've used my SDN scripts to get most stats

    - Paid my worker to get the other requirements for the method

    - Coded the script

    - Tested the script

    - Script works, currently all 3 botting strong.


    Day 2:

    - got them all to 40+ stats

    - 0 bans.

    - added CLI support.

    - made about 400k so far combined.


    Day 3:

    - Got them all to 50+ stats (using method)

    - 0 bans.

    - made 2m ish.


    Day 4:

    - Got them all 60+ stats (using method)

    - 0 bans.

    - Made 8m ish.


    Day 5:


    x3 Banned.

    Got them all 75+ stats,

    made around 16m total,


    Gonna automate this bot, and restart with more accounts wont be posted it here anymore.

    made roughly 10m profit (6m to bonds/proxies)

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    Is this project about getting the best stats possible within 30days/ban ?

    No, its about getting decent amount of gp and no bans, aiming to get about 10$ a day from 3 bots

    and if all goes well a 99 in the end :) 

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