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    Hello Y'all,


    I was using a few scripts but the latest one I downloaded was called Fisher, which was a paid for script.


    Since it was downloaded, I found a trojan on my computer and was perma banned from the game.


    I am not saying this is the script that created this dilemma, it may have been another script but I am asking if people can look into it.


    I don't mind being banned because I screwed up, but I don't like Trojans on my computer.


    Inbox me if you have any questions

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    Sorry it sounded vague, I had used a few other scripts and they were all fine, I was running two accounts with the fishing script and that was the one that got them both banned I believe. I did pay for the script through the site.


    Thank you for some feedback also

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    Lol, thats good to hear. Thanks for the feedback.


    Is it normal to perma ban someone for a first offense?

    yes you will get perma banned quite often while botting, one thing i will point out, any script from you sdn that you add to your account is not downloaded. only the dreambot client gets downloaded to your computer the scripts themselves are never actually downloaded to your computer. Also all script are checked for malicious code before they are posted to the SDN, no script is posted without prior vetting

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    Gotcha, Thank you guys for all your help, I will get smarter on how I go about botting. Best of luck to all, and keep up with the awesome scripts

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