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  • Hand Training Service [CHEAP!!!]


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    Lvl1-30 - 1 Skill - 1m


    Lvl1-30 - 2 Skills - 2m


    Lvl1-30 - 3 Skills - 3m


    Lvl1-30 - 4 Skills - 4m


    Skills Available to Train:














    Payment Methods:


    PayPal (Trusted Only)




    Terms & Conditions:


    - I must have suitable training gear to ensure time/xp efficiency, you must provide the gear not just the coins.


    - I will provide multiple screenshots of the accounts while Hand levelling them.


    - You can provide the proxies or I will use my own private ones from @Donald Trump.


    - I have a deal with @Donald Trump, for every account I train I'll use a new IP/Proxy.



    - You must submit honest feedback via topic & profile feedback within 3 days of order completion.


    - You cannot login to the account/s while the order is pending.


    - Any violations to the T&C's may result in unnecessary delays.


     - Even though I guarantee the accounts will be hand-done I'm not responsible for any account bans.


    - I will use the Dream Bot Client while training & I'll always use proxies.


    - You'll be advised of the estimated time frame for the order, I will train when its most logical to do the orders at same time. If you need the service to be done

    faster I can quote you a new price.


    - I'll only go first to people I deem are trusted. Otherwise you'll have to pay first.




    ~ Contact me on Discord @Brandon#6043

    My Timezone is BST.

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    Yeah because it looks totally legit if his doing all the orders on his own IP. I half-vouch for this guy, we play Arma 3 together. I'll be assisting him with having the resources so he can hand train the accounts. This whole topic is so my friend can gain feedback to branch into other services etc.

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    Every question service or training service I know of is not done on a Proxy and I never heard of a ban by them, as long as it is hand-done proxies are not required at all

    I understand were you are coming from but i wish to mask my IP address.

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    then use proxifier on regular game clients


    Yes this is something I would do if I was doing 1 account at a time but I plan to do multiple accounts, having a load of runescape clients open isn't gonna help all that much.


    plus the dreambot client is easy to use, I would find it a lot easy to use then a regular client.


    [Plus Their is no real risk to this provide you didn't bot tutorial island] 

    why would you use proxies if ur doing it hand trained lmao

    also joined today 40 mins ontime 

     I wish to mask my IP address 

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