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Found 22 results

  1. _________________________________________ Contacting us? Please visit rsgoldrush.com and click on the live chat to be served immediately. Easy as that! Skype: live:support_53868 _________________________________________ Who We Are RsGoldRush is comprised of members from a former well known gold shop before it got sold off . We are all veterans in our respective roles. What this means is that we all have experience serving the community effectively and efficiently. We hope to offer a seamless experience, for you to purchase, sell or swap your 07 and RS3 Gold. We try our best to stay competitive with other big name shops. That's why we are offering to price-beat any major competitors listed price. If we can’t beat it then the gold's free! We want you to earn your trust so you feel safe and comfortable purchasing runescape 07 gold or runescape 3 gold from us. We wish you the best of luck on your runescape adventures, and hopefully you can try us, as we attempt to carve out our name in the runescape community, you might even see some familiar faces.
  2. Selling Oldschool RuneScape Gold! 200+ vouches/feedback onsite/offsite! Rates: CONTACT ME Contact: Discord: Banker#6451 Skype: live:bankergoldsite Always Request A PM! - Banker
  3. Closed About each account -> No recovery emails set. -> Random appearances. -> Accounts made with human-like names. -> Accounts created on Residential IP's in United States. -> "email:password" format. Payment Methods/Prices OSRS GP | Paypal (gifted) 50k per account | 50 account minimum. or $0.05 per account | 50 account minimum. Account quantities offered in 50, 100, 200, 500, 750, or 1000. Contact Please contact me on discord or PM me first to see how many accounts I have available! Discord: Quavocado#3530 Terms of Service All sales are final. I am not responsible for any lost information, bans, or locked accounts after sale has occurred. You cover all PayPal fees. I will not be able to recover any account. All login information will be deleted after sale has occurred.
  4. I'm Selling random 3 letter RSNs , includes numbers . Accepting Gp only . very cheap. Dm me on discord Hamtaro#7237
  5. I hope this is a ok spot to post this as i did not see a dedicated price check spot. i have been offered a OSRS account with 135days of membership remaining that is around level 55 combat with lunar diplomacy complete so 31 quest points total pretty much all the pre required quest to do lunar quest and that's it as well as the skills required to complete lunar and maybe a few extra here and their nothing much. 61 str 65 magic 700 total level.... so if someone could give me a rough estimate on these next questions i list that would be very much appreciated.Thank you. 1.) How much does a account with just Lunar diplomacy completed with stats/quest only up to the minimum required to complete the quest. Thank you for anyone who takes the time to give me your estimates.
  6. selling 10 fresh accounts. all are activated and ready to start. they are made with a self destruct email so if you lose the password it cannot be recovered. make sure you use a safe VPN like sock5 so they will not get locked.
  7. hey guys been inactive in the botting community for about a year now. only recently started getting back into it. i have a long list of accounts that i used to bot on back in the day and all of them have 0 bans/0 mutes 70 att 70 str 70 defence 40 range 40+ magic (all 3 accounts) some have few odd skilling lvls here and there and i believe one has woodcutting and firemaking up (asif anyone cares lol) perfect accounts for green dragon botting or you wanna start a barrows pure or w/e. get in touch prices are up for debate but starting at 15m each. message me for more information on individual accounts x all the best ALEC
  8. Account made in 20 Mostly played f2p for fun. No botting , No bans nothing Not very high skill levels or anything but decent Acc details - https://imgur.com/a/Q6ql05R (ignore the osrs image) Want to sell it for whatever the hell i can
  9. I sell my 97 lvl combat account and many other statistics Starting price $ 75 PAYMENTS = PAYPAL i listen to offers Discordia: lavalava01 # 2533 SKYPE dk_it@hotmail.it STATUS AND MESSAGE https://ibb.co/nuwdRb LOGIN https://ibb.co/dCEJsG STADÍSTIC http://ibb.co/nO46Xc
  10. If you're worried about buying accounts from me, I have sold accounts from over 6 months ago to users and I have no negative feedback. Account 1: Account 2: Account 3: Account 4: Terms of Service: I am not responsible for the account after ownership has been transferred to you (e.g. bans). I have the right to refuse selling to you without giving a reason. I can change the terms of service whenever I want. Contact: Talk to me on Discord: Man16#4811
  11. Looking to sell my OSRS 50/50/50 account. I am the original owner of the account, and yes, it's botted. No quests completed. Account has some items in bank, consider those as a bonus. Accepting PayPal USD/EUR only. MM by your expense. PMs preferably through forums/discord. Min. offer 10€ ~ 12$ 5€ ~ 6$ Autowin 20€ ~ 24$ 13€ ~ 15$ Stats: Login screen: Ban meter: Bank:
  12. new customer in dream bot Since 2016 with best prices vouches 100+ in sythe Payment only btc 0.83$/m rs 07 best rate Discount for bulk my skype: linares_024@hotmail.com
  13. Sold for 13M to Prablek! Please close thread
  14. wuzzy

    Selling OSRS Main

    Selling my main today , not having fun anymore recently just sold my bank and im too lazy to start all over from scratch PAYPAL ONLY ~ ill go 1st IF trusted , if not then middleman No idea where to price this so hopefully people can bid CANT UPLOAD PICS (You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments) so i left links for everything in imgur below https://imgur.com/a/Aucto https://imgur.com/a/ZfSUn Msg me here or discord to discuss or just simply comment below thanks . WUZZY#0715 DISCORD
  15. Stats of the account https://gyazo.com/5b5e6d992bd1ba80db720cfc8252387f 2.account status (bans, mutes) None https://gyazo.com/a9fee0503a4125ae2e65c565faf090e0 Login screen https://gyazo.com/e7bf16013007363af344dfe6dc445912 Quests (completed) 102 QP (low for these kind of stats) Lunar diplomacy done + https://gyazo.com/6328c4c26a6a43ca0425f4f0ff4eb44a and some more. Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) Non-tradeable: https://gyazo.com/28beee233f4cc17e2506114c5adac874 like 1m in tradable items on bank Minimum bid (price to start bids)50 $ Autowin 220 Payment method: paypal & btc we also could discuss other options. Trading conditions (middleman) im willing to go first if you are really trusted, middleman is fine Previous owners (if any) none You might think the autowin is very high but i'm not very familiar with the prices ;') Quit playing just looking to sell this away. also got a alt with these stats https://gyazo.com/51c07271e19e39422afea468759361c5 This account does has had a 2 day ban. Just saying it here because someone might wants to get both at the same time. Greetings!
  16. Selling OSRS Gold for BTC or Paypal* Rate can vary depending on amount and method ~$1-1.07/m PayPal orders are subject to my discretion and I may refuse high-risk transactions. Contact me to discuss any further details or quotes Discord: Boxer#1213 Skype: live:kingbots27
  17. Stats of the account Account status (bans, mutes) Login screen Quests (completed) Cook's Assistant Imp Catcher Vampire slayer Fight arena Fishing contest The grand tree Lost city Tree gnome village Waterfall Quest Started on Recipe for disaster ( it has rock cake ) Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) Every item in the bank as well as the inventory will come with the account + 5 days of membership left, as of 04/10/2017 Minimum bid (price to start bids) $25 Autowin $82 Payment method Bitcoin, Ethereum, 07 gp, rs3 gp, sdmm gp, amazon/ebay/aliexpress giftcard Trading conditions (middleman) We will use a middleman if you do not wish to go first. Previous owners (if any) I am the OO
  18. Hello there, i am looking to sell my steam account Account value - https://steamdb.info/calculator/76561198153998524/?cc=us Games - https://gyazo.com/ba27f2e14f79ed94eeefe88509dbe41b I am willing to either to paypal or osrs gp The account is rather old (3 years) and no bans on valves games (vac bans) I am willing to go rather low, since i'd like to sell the acc asap. Add me on discord to discuss - Ed#9402
  19. Contact me through PM or Skype (in profile) for the names. Account #1 - Username is three letters Stats of the account: Level 4 Attack is only skill. Account status (bans, mutes): None Minimum bid (price to start bids): 5m Autowin: 20m Payment method: 07 gp Trading conditions (middleman): Probably you go first, but I will decide based on your profile. Or else middleman. (Note I have many offsite vouches - can confirm) Previous owners (if any): No Account is 954 days old also. Account #2 - Username is three numbers Stats of the account: None Account status (bans, mutes): None Minimum bid (price to start bids): 5m Autowin: 50m Payment method: 07 gp Trading conditions (middleman): Probably you go first, but I will decide based on your profile. Or else middleman. (Note I have many offsite vouches - can confirm) Previous owners (if any): No
  20. Hello, Im looking to buy regular Deadman Mode gold, by selling my 8m on 07 runescape. Message me through dreambot for my runescape name and to negotiate a transfer rate. Trade completed.
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