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    Found 18 results

    1. Xephy's Fishing Trawler [$4.99] What it does: - Does the fishing trawler minigame to get you angler outfit pieces for minnow fishing - Uses swamp tar and bailing buckets to keep your activity bar up. Requirements: - Source: http://oldschoolrunescape.wikia.com/wiki/Fishing_Trawler - Very small amount of GP to buy material before you start the script. - 15 Fishing Instructions: - Start the script near the fishing trawler minigame on WORLD 370. - Have a sufficient amount of swamp paste (1000-2500+) and at least 10 "ba
    2. Screenshots Available Locations How to use Quickstart (VIP+) FAQ CLICK TO PURCHASE SCRIPT
    3. What makes this different from the 'non-pro' version? My free fisher was one of the first scripts I ever wrote for DB, and even then, I ported it from another client. By rewriting the script, I am proud to present the PRO version of the script which is faster, more efficient, uses less system resources and has a different 'pattern' compared to the free version of the script. A brand new appealing GUI which also supports the 'Small Net' option which my free version does not. This means that I can add new modes/locations easily to the script. Therefore, I have included minn
    4. Catches Fish Shoals in the Drift Net Fishing activity on Fossil Island. Equipment requirements: Flippers. Diving apparatus. Fishbowl helmet. Trident. Weight reduction gear. Supplies: Numulite (to bank fish, and/or enter the minigame if you haven't paid for permanent access). Drift nets. Stamina potions (optional). Instructions: Equip the required gear. Get enough supplies. Start the script on the small island or underwater. Please check the console (log) if the script is stopping. It will print what
    5. Hello all, I am a developer and in my free time just started writing scripts for dreambot. I am still learning and have not tested a lot. You can find the script code here =) https://anonymous.4open.science/r/159c0414-aa66-4c2f-beb2-69a8e8f186da/ I also uploaded the jar. My first script is a fisher 🐟, right now it includes: - A very simple UI - Shrimp in Draynor or Lumbridge - Swordfish and Tuna in Karamja To start: begin with the necessary items in your inventory and somewhere near where you will be doing your fishing. (Lumbridge Castle, Port Sa
    6. Qfisher is by far the best bot ive used on dreambot the longest ive botted without taking a break was 13hrs keep in mind its 100% FREE [media=960x720] [/media] Thanks so much to the developer Qbots i hope to see more work from you -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    7. If someone could I would like to request a barbarian fishing bot to be made, i have just a basic, start in the are for fishing, fishes till full inventory then drops all the fish. That's all I'm looking for.
    8. So I am trying to fish but it doesnt seem to want to work, never done a fishing script before so not sure how to find a fishing spot if its a entity or a gameobject. This is what I have so far and it finds a spot but it wont start fishing, thats because Im not telling it to but it doesnt even get to the log("IT WORKS RUN TO IT BOY!"); part. It just keeps looping through log("Found a new one!"); What am I doing wrong here and what is the proper way of doing this? log("Looking for the closest fishing spot"); //this will find the closest game object that isn't null (it's fisha
    9. I purchased a script called Dream AIO Fisher only to find that the script is not available for download/ is discontinued. Please advise? Order #83091 Order placed 6 minutes ago https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?app=nexus&module=payments&section=store&do=item&id=56
    10. Latest update: 4th of May, 2020 (will rewrite for DreamBot 3) Features: Supports many locations around the world. Works with a task system. Starts another task when the previous one finishes. Add as many tasks as you wish. Powerfishing supported. F2P / P2P fishing training method. Supported items: Lumbridge Draynor Rimmington Al Kharid Barbarian Outpost Shilo Village Barbarian Village Tree Gnome Stronghold Karamja P
    11. Hello, This is my first script, and somehow I can't get it to work. So basically this script fishes in Draynor and is supposed to bank, but when my inventory is full, it just walk over to the bank and does nothing. Any help would be appreciated! Source code: package bots; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.NPC; import java.awt.*; @ScriptManifest(
    12. Hello, I ran the Nano Fisher script at Lumbridge Swamp (power fishing, shift click dropping, small net) for about 40min until it bugged out. My character began running back and forth between the fishing spot and and a spot on the hill shortly behind the fishing spot. It also appeared that when the script would right click a fishing spot and attempt to click "Net" it would miss and continue missing. I hope I gave enough info. Let me know if I can try and give you more. Thanks.
    13. Here's a link to a video of the bug. As you can see, after dropping all of the fish, it double clicks the last fish and tries to use that dropped fish on the fishing spot. It is unable to fix it self and requires a manual reset. Sometimes this happens within the first 5 minutes, sometimes it will happen after an hour of use. As you can see on the thread, other people have reported this problem to no avail and the scripter last logged in in the month of April. I would recommend removing this script as it is obviously broken and the creator hasn't even visited the site in almost 6 months. Accoun
    14. Buying all accounts with 76 fishing, if the account is banned within 2 hours I would like a refund, but yeah if you want a quicker response message me on discord @ Simba #9547
    15. zaphodx

      95 fishing bot

      Account is approx 2 months old, has 95 fishing and has been member many times. Just looking for offers. If there's a good offer I might even take it.
    16. [sELL ACCOUNT FISHING] [9 days member] [bid: 5m] STATS OF THE ACCOUNT: https://imgur.com/w4oYj3w ACCOUNT STATUS: https://imgur.com/Vxv6h6r LOGIN SCREEN: https://imgur.com/kqdppYR QUEST COMPLETED: Free: Cook Assistant / Imp Catcher / Pirates Treasure / Vampire Slayer / Witchs Potion Member: Waterfall Quest ACCOUNT WEALTH ( NON-TRADEABLE OR TRADEABLE) : All item have in bank https://imgur.com/XIr2bI6 MINIMUM BID: 5M AUTO WIN: 10M PAYMENT METHOD: O7GP Trading conditions ( middleman): Use Almods
    17. I'm running two fishing bots from scratch right now, just finished hand-completing quests and tut island for both of them, now they're on their merry way fishing. Since it's Friday, how often should I change up their botting? I was planning on logging after an hour of fishing and leaving them offline for around 30-45 minutes, then starting them back up again. Is there much point to this on the weekend or can I go for more botting time with them? I just recently got my old bot banned that had 87 wcing...
    18. are fishing spots considered game objects? if not what are they? little new to runescape/dreambot scripting. thanks :3
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