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  1. So this scripts overall has gotten me at least 10+ accounts with minor baby sitting. The script works well, but isn't perfect, It has issues sometimes with dialog with certain characters. The romeo and Juliet quest is the main one in my opinion. Sometimes Will have to click the certain dialog to let it get past that point. It does tutorial island well, still some dialog issues. For example it tries selecting the next piece of the conversation and it just repeats that same part for some reason. This makes it get stuck on that person until I come in and do it for it. I have counted at least 5 times each run. Though this script does do it under an hour and with minor help it does what it says its suppose to do. I would like to see some improvements in this area. All in all I rate it 4/5 stars, would be 5/5 if those bugs got fixed. Thanks
  2. Hello, I upvoted, can I have a trial? Also I recently purchased your woodcutting script, work of art lol. Thanks
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