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  1. wuzzy

    Selling OSRS Main

    has a registered email already
  2. wuzzy

    Selling OSRS Main

    Selling my main today , not having fun anymore recently just sold my bank and im too lazy to start all over from scratch PAYPAL ONLY ~ ill go 1st IF trusted , if not then middleman No idea where to price this so hopefully people can bid CANT UPLOAD PICS (You have exceeded your allotted disk space for attachments) so i left links for everything in imgur below https://imgur.com/a/Aucto https://imgur.com/a/ZfSUn Msg me here or discord to discuss or just simply comment below thanks . WUZZY#0715 DISCORD
  3. 2 acc rested 4days 1 acc rested 1week
  4. Stats of the account Minimum bid (price to start bids) 4m Autowin 5m Payment method OSRS Trading conditions (middleman) Middleman , if trusted ill go 1st 3 LEFT EDIT ~1 LEFT
  5. No more membership left , rested 4 days and counting
  6. MINIMUM BID ~ 4M AUTOWIN -6M OSRS GP MIDDLEMAN (if trusted,ill go 1st) DISCORD wuzzy#0715
  7. Hi can any staff verify me on discord? wuzzy#0715
  8. wuzzy

    Lvl 3 , 77 Mining

    yes unverified , i can make it verified if you'd like..Add me on skype iamwuzzy@hotmail.co.uk nevermind i added u on discord wuzzy#0715 #0715
  9. Close it , i updated a new thread with the template
  10. wuzzy

    Lvl 3 , 77 Mining

    Stats of the account Account status (bans, mutes) Login screen Quests (completed) Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) No wealth Minimum bid (price to start bids) 4M OSRS GP Autowin 8M Autowin Payment method OSRS GP Trading conditions UPFRONT PAYMENT Previous owners (if any) NONE
  11. OFFER IN COMMENTS http://imgur.com/a/8OEGK
  12. Lvl 3 , 75mining http://imgur.com/a/8OEGK
  13. wuzzy

    Selling main

    Offer below highest bidder wins http://imgur.com/a/yh7F4 http://imgur.com/a/yh7F4 http://imgur.com/a/yh7F4 http://imgur.com/a/yh7F4 http://imgur.com/a/yh7F4
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