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  1. I really only released bullshit previously but have wanted to get back into scripting for a while. I was thinking of a script that randomly trains a few skills to a certain level but was wondering if anyone has something in mind
  2. Nothing? I assume so but I got it and is sick
  3. Just wondering if anyone has made a prayer flicking plugin. I just need one for NMZ rapid heal flicking and don't want to make one if someone else has
  4. Wut? How can someone be that full of themself lmfao. You don't know me or my memes
  5. Have feathers and rod here: f1:: Sleep, 1000 Send, {Shift down} Click Loop, 6{ Mousemove,0,37,0,R Click } Mousemove,37,0,0,R Click Loop, 6 { Mousemove,0,-37,0,R Click } Mousemove,37,0,0,R Click Loop, 6{ Mousemove,0,37,0,R Click } Mousemove,60,-90,0,R Click Loop, 4{ Mousemove,0,-37,0,R Click } f2:: Send, {Shift up} ExitApp f3:: Send, {Shift up} Suspend,Toggle
  6. Like am I not gonna get a response?
  7. Can I get a response please? It's been months. If not, please explain why.

  8. Yea apparently not. Everyone else gets a response in at most a few days
  9. Am I ever gonna like... get a response on my appeal?
  10. Yea I was just a bit pissed I spent so much time on that one for no reward haha. I have discovered you really just need to choose wisely which ones you do
  11. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U7IckxBhjRJu3Oiyzqz6OG-dcfy5HJMt copy of barb one
  12. you mean paint? Use DBLauncher not whatever is in the folder
  13. I WAS BAked as shit when I WROTE IT also my CAPs button is fucked
  14. You botted and got banned and are confused.
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