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    1. If you are on 0 gold, character wants to keep buy the item, I think that got me banned on my acc lel
    2. 10k is not a requirement anymore? I logged on after the session and I left with 4gps 😛 also varrock's sawmill operator doesn't work aaaaand grand tree deposit seems like bugged
    3. I think that should do, then you just continue if you are in the area
    4. you can choose a tile and check if a player is on that tile, if not, just go there just wanted to say, that powerMine variable it was one of my area, but you can skip that actually if you want to stick to tile only.
    5. I would like to share with you my little project that I made while ago that mix two items of your choose (also you can pick quantity so it works for pizza bases too) Shoutout to Zenarchist for his antibanscript (tho you still need consider making frequent breaks!) https://github.com/voooop/dreambotSimpleItemMixer/
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