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    1. Hi, I am new to programming bots for runescape, And I am wondering what some good anti ban feautures are. Please give some tips 😁
    2. Hi, I am new to programming for dreambot but would like to do 1 request. I'll pick a random one. Please dont ask for something extremely complicated. I will do it for free for the whole community to use
    3. if(Inventory.isFull()) { List<Item> inventory = methodsClass.getPlayerInventory(); Keyboard.pressShift(); for(int i = 0; i < inventory.size(); i++) { if(inventory.get(i).getName().equals("Willow logs")) { inventory.get(i).interact("Drop"); } } Keyboard.releaseShift(); } This seems to work for me for shift dropping items. I had to enable shift-click dropping in runescape settings. any way of enabling that setting with code?
    4. Hi, I am a veteran RuneScape player that started programming as a hobby. I'm just starting to write some scripts for DreamBot. I would like to put some free scripts out for the community. I will do a request later this week probably. Screenshot here I'm on mobile ATM, can't seem to upload video. Bot checks for best axe for players level and checks for best axe in bank and gets best one available. Also gets new axe when leveling up, And checks If player can wield the axe Play and forgot from level 1 in F2P haha.
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