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    1. When banking, it sometimes (rarely) gets stuck in "Should be banking" Status. It will then spam action checks, while standing still in the bank. Only way to undo this is by stopping and starting the bot. I use dreambot build in breaks, this might be the reason for it ending up in this state, haven't be able to catch it, just as it happens. EDIT: The bot will have full inventory of loot when stuck, so it happens prior to it depositing items.
    2. Welcome back Holic As Insinuated above, your script basically supports Taverly dungeon atleast the parts of it i've ventured into. Just a bump, in case it wouldn't be too big a hasle to Implement agility shortcuts in dungeon for walking.
    3. Hi I'm new to Dreambot and scripting with it. Whenever dreambot build-in break finishes breaktimer, the solver just ends, and it idles on login screen. Notes. 1. I Selected Account in account selecter and started script, to initiate, (login works fine). 2. When break ends, the log says all solvers has been handled, and goes back to running my nodes, even though its on the login screen. Do i have to handle the relogin in my script? EDIT: Looks like i fixed this issue by manually enabling the Login Solver in the RandomManager. //Enable login solver this.getRandomManager().enableSolver("LOGIN");
    4. Love the script @holic Suggestion: Support agility shortcuts in Taverly dungeon.
    5. import org.dreambot.api.script.listener.MessageListener; EDIT nvm. it was just the first one it wanted me to add. Thanks : ) Thx for the quick reply too
    6. So in the API onMessage is deprecated. Is there another way used to look at ingame messages? I haven't been able to find any on the forum/API, so i decided to create a topic
    7. Thanks Pandemic, much appreciated. I have no idea why he was targeted since he couldn't do anything since he made the account.
    8. Hello! My friend just created his account yesterday it keeps giving him this message. https://gyazo.com/cc2e02ebd8e107a3ed7b510643cbcda1 He said he would try and make another account since it might have been in the process of making the account it happend. He had already made another when i told him that isn't allowed ( he didnt know the rules since he cant load the page for the message.) Would appreciate some help solving whats causing this, since we both are entirely new on the site. he has asked me if i can get a hold of someone he can talk to through skype to sort it out. I should probably mention he switched browser to chrome and he could join the site shortly last night. before he was getting the same message.
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