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    1. Misthalin Mystery - Gets stuck in the room with the killer in the closets. It just pushed the mirror into the middle of the room not pointing at a closet. Also: Ardy easy diary it keeps infinitly picking the HAM members after gathering a rusty sword. Collected 2 and it just keeps going...
    2. Having problems with this killing sand crabs and stall theiving... Sand crabs: The problem is when it grabs everything it will walk to the edge of the beach area where the crabs are, drink 1 sip of divine combat and just stand there...... and do nothing...... Stall thieving: Stands in ardy, when it fills inventory it doesnt drop it and just keeps clicking. Hunter: Bird snare: Collects birds but doesnt make room in inventory when inventory is full.
    3. Im having the same exact problem... Same as me. None of the scripts I run work.
    4. Woke up this morning to continue some botting and now the client just says preparing gamepack for start but nothing is happening. Any ideas? Was working fine 8 hours ago... Here is a couple of screen shots:
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