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    1. I always do tutorial island manually and will even give the account a few hours of legitimate gameplay before starting up the scripts. I'm glad detecting the client would be this unlikely. I'm thinking they were probably just both caught in the same wave of bans. Thank you for this insight!
    2. I had two account banned quite quickly running this as well, and I'm thinking this may have something to do with the recent update. I'm hoping someone with more experience can touch on this subject soon.
    3. I had two relatively new accounts running ccCannoballers on two separate proxies and they were just banned at the exact same time. I'm hearing rumours about the new update possibly being able to detect the dreambot client? I'm wondering how likely that is at this point. I was being very careful and ccCannoballers is a paid script that seems reputable. I was only running them for 4 hours a day total two hours at a time. Even with a free script I am very surprised and quite discouraged both accounts were banned so soon. Am I wrong that this would be unusual? I also seem to be noticing less bots around since the update in general. Is it possible Jagex gave the update a buffer for a few days and are gradually starting to roll out mass bans? Doesn't seem very likely to me that two bots on different proxies would be banned literally within the same 2 hour window as I have been watching them closely lately. Anyone else noticing an increase in bans?
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