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    1. why does it run to the range outside the castle instead of using the one inside the castle? also if you could add rogue den i believe its called that has that infinite fireplace that would be amazing
    2. Love this script gotten to 65+ stats on multiple account no ban. the new version responds so much faster to attacking the next monster after you kill one but ill let yall know if the faster speed causes you to be detected for botting So not sure if this has gotten fixed cause i cant check rn. but say i set the special attack to be used at 80,90, or 100% and i use drain the bar it only attacks once and doesnt drain the bar. also not sure if this has gotten fixed. it wouldnt eat like monkfish or shark for me. really seemed like mem food but it worked with like trout and lobster it would rotate the camera at insanely weird angles and on rare occasions it would get stuck when fighting. example is id be fighting giant frog and when id look the frog would be attacking me and i wouldnt be attacking back. if tried to click on the frog it would happen again fairly quickly. only was to get rid of that issue would be to stop running the script and then start the script and re enter everything then let it run. and lastly i know that not all items would be picked up or it would have issue picking up some items. example is i was fighting moss giant and during the time i was there 5 ranarr seed dropped and it never went to pick them up. it would just continue fighing. i made sure everything was checked correctly. thats a 40k item so its more notable and there was more items it wouldnt pick up again i cant check if those issue are fixed with this recent update rn those are just some issues i had when using. when i can ill let yall know if any of those issues still persist. ill also check the potion thing because i also had an issue with that and i tried every possible combination and it didnt work at the time. ill see if it does now
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