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    1. Stats of the account https://imgur.com/a/JQB9iac Account status (bans, mutes) N/A Login screen https://imgur.com/a/ko1TPxe Quests (completed) Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) Minimum bid (price to start bids) Autowin $60 Payment method Paypal/Cashapp Trading conditions (middleman) Previous owners (if any) Original Owner
    2. can I buy 5 accounts with 10QP

      1. adovkodere


        with osrs gp


      2. SmaTTeRR


        yes I got you just DM me

    3. Sent friend request on Discord.
    4. I can do this service for you and actually have 2 accounts that are almost out of the 24 hour limit if youd like to by those accounts to. DM me on here add me on discord SmaTTeR#9318
    5. If you still need this DM on here or discord. SmaTTeR#9318
    6. Definitely don't go with any Macbook especially if its a older one... They're all over priced for the specs that they come in and the parts are cheap Chinese made parts that typically don't last long before you will have some sort of problem. If you are looking to spend up to $1800 id suggest the MSI GL series laptops, like this one https://www.newegg.com/p/pl?d=msi+GLR . The one I linked is a little over kill saying it has the 3060 but they have other ones in GL series that are cheaper and specs are as insane, but for the price they are great laptops and can also be used for gaming as well for school.
    7. I'd check with some of the school tech guys in your area because some times when they upgrade there equipment (servers), they usually sell them to help fund cost of the new ones. And the schools in my area use dell servers and probably would be plenty good enough to run the amount of bots that you want to run. Just account for the amount of heat it's gonna produce in the room that it's gonna be in, the extra electricity it's gonna use and how much bandwidth its gonna use.
    8. if its 10x the CPU it says on the website then you should be able to run 100 bots perfectly fine, because you will def have enough ram to run that many. I try and have at least 512mb of RAM per bot at minimum.
    9. Selling accounts fresh through tutorial island to help jump start your bot farm faster. Tut Island Account: 50k OSRS/GP or .25 Cashapp/Paypal Tut Island/10 QP: 100k OSRS/GP or .50 Cashapp/Paypal All accounts Handmade Different IP Used On Each Account Option for 10 QP For 25k More!
    10. Yup script is still doing this, gotta pause it and finish quest by hand. Luckily it's right at the end of the quest.
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