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    1. 3 times in a row, Iron Man didn't work. Meaning, it teleports to Lumbridge without ever speaking to, nor becoming an Iron Man. Then, in Lumbridge, the player spams right clicking "Armour" to the Iron Man tutor, repeating the message back "This is for Iron Men only". All in all, it doesn't work.
    2. I just came up with a question... I set up a proxy from my computer to one of my virtual web servers, as I figured I may be able to effectively just pay $5 a month for a virtual server and create a sock5 proxy with that. I was able to successfully create the proxy, routing DreamBot's connection to that server's IP. Logging into OSRS worked, but when I went to create a new account, Jagex notified my that my service blocks creation of new accounts, meaning that the Virtual Host Company set up some sort of firewall against routing sock5 to games. I know my virtual web server is not meant to sock5 and play games with, but is this common? What is the name of the actual type of proxy service I am looking for?
    3. yeeter: thank you very much. Those answers gave me the exact information I was looking for! So as for my approach, I think I'm going to do the following: Pay for residential so I can create a ton of accounts, initially. Use datacenter proxies to level. Vary usage per ip depending on the value of the account(s). As far as a datacenter proxy, what is an average or reasonable price range I should be looking to spend per datacenter IP? Residental IP? Thanks again. Regards, oldschool
    4. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. I've found a lot of great information on this forum so far. I've got a couple of questions regarding Proxy's, and how you set up your farms or multiple accounts to bot. For the past year I've been scripting, botting, and getting banned on many, many accounts. After learning so many lessons, I'm at the point where I know: Don't bot on any MAIN (RIP) Chain bans are real There are detectable patterns by which you can be sure Jagex is on to you Botting one account at a time (not talking about simultaneously, but literally registering one account, waiting for it to get banned, then registering another account) is dumb. Multiple accounts are the only way. And more... Proxy's and many accounts are the only way. That said, I'm in the process of setting up many accounts, using proxy's. Here are the questions... Do you use Residential Sock5? If so, most of the services I've seen have rotating IP's that only last for up to 24 hours until given up. Is this the proper type of service? If not, what type of service specifically am I looking for? I figure it should be a service that lets you keep the IP temporarily. I've used a couple Virtual Servers and Sock5 forwarded there. How many accounts do you use per IP? How many accounts do you keep logged in, simultaneously, per IP? Thank you for your time. I hope to be contributing on my findings on ban patterns. Regards, oldschool
    5. I am trying to figure out what is meant by, "This quest requires to be unstarted." I can't do some of the quests. Any idea?
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