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    1. Hi there, first of all just wanted to say, great script for sure. Just wanted to say you should add support for a magic potion (only see an option for divine one) as well as support for picking up darts from the blowpipe, currently if you set the darts as the ammo it tries to go to the bank everytime i start the script.
    2. It will switch level goals, but it wont stop if all have been achieved. Also something new is it keeps picking up iron pickaxes repeatedly no matter how high i set the "loot over (x)"
    3. Tried to message you. Is there anyway to have the script use a special on a weapon (dragon baxe) and go back to the training weapon? Also is there anyway to get it to switch attack types on its own without user input? The script also doesnt stop at the level goals, it just keeps going.
    4. no problem, seems like it wasnt working with any iron or bronze
    5. it loads my inventory and gets to the anvil and does nothing, dint work with platebody either
    6. Hi there, do i need to start at a specific location? It wont smith for me.
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