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    1. I do. Ive accepted for quite awhile that nothing we do is private. Focusing on Jag since RS is the theme of this site.
    2. Oh, sorry. I am not familiar with the timeline of events around here. That is what I get for making assumptions based off what I want to make sense in my head. Game hackers sat behind a large round table in a dimly lit room for months on end, transcribing the osrs application into more user friendly medium for the betterment of humanity. Upon completion of the translation, there were archaic celebrations which portrayed extreme similarities to the primitive and bewildered excitement of ancient human-primate hybrids discovering fire. By dawn, a mutual agreement maintained that each contributor would go on their separate ways to spread the good word of botting. Just to be clear, you are saying that the events did not unfold like that?
    3. An amateur can learn to perform a vanilla buffer overflow in 1 week tops, with that you are "tricking" the stack pointer to execute your code but thats only if youre dealing with unsanitized/unrestricted inputs and overall pretty poorly written code. Definitely gets a heck of a lot more complicated when protections start becoming layered e.g. needless to say really, we wouldnt have runelite or dblauncher without this work: https://github.com/zeruth/runescape-client
    4. https://www.jagex.com/en-GB/terms "We are under no obligation to actively monitor and/or moderate User Content. We do however undertake very limited monitoring detailed below. Anti-Cheat Technologies We may use anti-cheat technologies in relation to the Jagex Products. When you connect online to a game server, these technologies may activate and monitor your game play, the files on your computer associated with the Jagex Product or that otherwise access our servers, and your computer's memory, purely for the purposes of detecting and preventing cheating. If any of these anti-cheat technologies detect cheating, we may collect relevant information necessary for our investigation and enforcement purposes, including your Account name, details about the unauthorized third party program and the Jagex Product files modification detected, and the time and date it was detected. We also may terminate these Terms, your access to the Jagex Products, and your Jagex Account if we determine you have been cheating. Chat Monitors We do not actively monitor chat between users. We have systems that monitor chat for certain keywords and provide us with a selection of high-risk User Content to review. Further we review any chat that contains phrases supplied to us by the Internet Watch Foundation and relate to child protection issues or where a user indicates in chat that they are under 13 years old. We also review chat logs if we have a reasonable suspicion that a user may be contemplating suicide or harming other users or third parties. We may supply chat logs to relevant civil and criminal authorities in line with our Privacy Policy." I dont know if this is news or not but it is interesting. I imagine the bolded is normal for anti-cheat software. How do they get this access? Is it through the firewall ports when you run the game app? Do they have access to file/memory locations at all times as long as you've ran the runescape client one time? How do we know they wont "accidentally" or perhaps legitimately by accident take more information than they need? How can one block certain parameters from accessing file/memory locations without breaking the game app?
    5. I am trying to find an optimal mouse speed then I realized I dont know what 50% mouse speed equates to. What does 50% mouse speed equal in terms of dpi? 800 I am guessing, but would like to make sure.
    6. Unable to search you on Discord. Still for sale?
    7. The cooking (wines) script is stable which is arguably the most important criteria to meet. This script from a security perspective, and please correct me if I am wrong or missing any details, requires less than 5 minutes to memorize the pattern. It does seem to click a different pixel of the items each time along with the cursor leaving the screen in a random direction. The route the cursor takes is the same each time in regards to deposits, withdraws, clicking the first jug/grape in the inventory, etc. Itd be great if the method used to deposit the inventory was different occasionally (backpack button in the bank versus left clicking the item in the inventory), cursor didnt select the first jug and grape in the inventory each time, didnt draw a triangle in the bank interface when withdrawing, and the overall speed of how quickly to withdraw -> click jug and grape -> deposit -> repeat was a little bit more randomized. I dont mean to sound like I am bashing your script as I thought this was important enough to post. Let me know if you have any questions!
    8. I think this is a simple suggestion. Under the Script Manager tab, allow users to "favorite" or "star" their top 3 most used scripts. Would just make life 0.5% easier for those of us who have a long list of scripts.
    9. The way this reads sort of sounds like a ML anti-cheat mechanism. I know no one knows but it is interesting to consider the possibility that the system in place to catch botters is a continuous and automatic feedback loop, or some other model.
    10. Id be surprised if this hasnt been suggested ever but figured Id shoot my shot. Anyone, specifically those without accounts, can view threads and the contents within. Dont need to be logged in. Given the nature of what this site is about, wouldnt it be safer to disallow users who are not logged from viewing posts? Maybe it'd be okay for strangers to view all of the forum topics but once they click a topic e.g. "Runescape," theyre redirected to a page that says, "You need an account to view this page" or something like that.
    11. This is super cool. Its like pseudo code on steroids! Im curious if there will be a means for testing scripts that doesnt involve logging into the game to try a script that might blow up. This is a lot to suggest and I am not expecting it, just a thought, a miniature sandboxed version of RS in your visual scripting program. Miniature as in the RS-esque world only has like 300 tiles containing a few npcs, few fishing spots, few mines, etc to see how the script acts. At that point you could probably charge like $100, lol. Im just wondering how scripts could be tested as closely as possible to the real game without having to test in the actual game.
    12. Im a noob to the bot life but it seems all I ever see around here are mad people who got banned. Are there any people here who have been doing this for awhile, maybe trained one or more skills to 99, and have not gotten the hammer?
    13. Impact as in increased likelihood? What system is built to simulate RL? Without smart aggro enabled, the character will then run "far away" similar to the RL plugin?
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